Disappointed in The Beacon's name change



  • Romla
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    Maybe we could learn something by looking at other countries’ breast cancer  organisations marketing ? Can’t believe we are the only ones who have  views on inclusiveness.
  • Afraser
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    Hmmm. A Canadian one had a banner headline a year or so ago proclaiming that bc wasn't "only an old woman's disease". I am all for alerting 20 year olds to the possibility, but that seemed potentially offensive on a number of fronts!! 
  • Zoffiel
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    One battle at a time. ***Was that me saying that****
  • traveltext
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    @afraser, please add me to the list as well.
  • Payne
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    An excellent suggestion @Afraser.  Please add my name to the list.  Susan Roper Payne, Forster NSW.  I do not wish the magazine to be named "Pink Lady". I particularly like aBreast but as already pointed out. One step at a time.
  • primek
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    @BCNA since we now have over 200 comments on this post is anyone from BCNA going to revisit this discussion?  The silence is deafening and dissapointing. 
  • Lmc1310
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    @BCNA thanks @Afraser and please add my name to your list. Lynda, Terrigal, NSW. 
  • AllyJay
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    @primek, maybe they are thinking  "Silence is golden, so shut up and get rich"!!!
  • melclarity
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    I did make a previous comment @primek so this silence doesnt surprise me at all. @SoldierCrab this is exactly what i was saying...
  • Romla
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    I think they prefer this part of the blog just slip down the list and members will forget it - guess the latter is up to the membership. Disappointing @BCNA has not deigned to respond to what is clearly considered a major concern by those for whom the magazine is targeted. 
  • Sister
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    I just posted a major rant on my blog after walking this morning (my reflection time turned into irritation) about pink ladies and "my journey".  Unfortunately, I've never been the sweet type.
  • Zoffiel
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    Right. I wonder if some media attention would make any difference? Lack of response from BCNA is rude and dismissive and is starting to make me a bit combative.

    If @Christine_BCNA-CEO feel that she has already answered the issue, she may have underestimated the people this organisation is supposed to be supporting. We are a little more resilient and persistent than we were before our lives got turned upside down, and we have nothing to lose by vigorously advocating on our own behalf.

    To this point everyone has been polite and the conversation has been peppered with suggestions about how BCNA can gracefully address this issue. Grace under pressure is another lesson that has been forced on us, it is not unreasonable to expect any organisation we are supporting to display similar qualities.


  • Zoffiel
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    @Afraser 's letter will be more difficult to ignore from a governance perspective. Let's see what happens with that.
  • Southgirl
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    @Sister I also really dislike the term "journey" so I wish BCNA would rename the My Journey kits (which are a wonderful resource, just a terrible name).  But as @Zoffiel wisely says - one thing at a time!
  • SoldierCrab
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    I agree ladies let's see what happens with the letter from @Afraser
     on behalf of the online community with our names on it.