Disappointed in The Beacon's name change

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Hi All
It's been a long time since I posted. I've been thinking about this, and watching to see if anyone else commented on this. I don't know if somewhere along the way I've missed something. Was there discussion or consultaion about the name change  to Pink Lady? I feel that it's diappointing, and disrespectful to our male members, after all, men do get breast cancer too, And as an organisation, I thought the aim was to be more inclusive, not less. 
I'll be interested to hear your thoughts


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     my last copy (emailed) is still called the Beacon?  Can you clarify this ? 
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    Sorry @Irb_03
    I cant see any change on my emailed copy of the Beacon ? 
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    Hi @SoldierCrab. It hasn't actually changed yet, but will from the next edition. It's in the email I received my copy with. I had already been told, by a friend who still receives a paper copy, that there was an insert that arrived with hers (a couple of weeks before my digital copy)
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    Agree with the comments of the ladies above.
    What a waste of much-needed dollars !
    Maybe BCNA should have asked for opinions of member before making such a change - they may not have walked in our shoes so don't really understand what we are thinking.
    Sorry men - please don't be put off by this big change.
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    My not liking pink is not a reason for changing anything (the pink branding has been successful) but Pink Lady has been used for a number of things (an apple, a cocktail, a treatment for reflux, just for starters), so it's also not very original in addition to excluding men! 
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    Il be looking up that cocktail @afraser lol Janine x
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    I’m not sure that ‘Pink Lady’ even appeals to many women. It certainly excludes men as well. I didn’t mind ‘Beacon’ as it was more inclusive and had an element of positivity about it. BCNA does wonderful work. I appreciate the information provided though this wonderful newsletter. I would just hate for people to miss out on reading it because of the title. 
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    ? Name change  - have I missed something?
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    if you get a digital copy of the Beacon this was on the bottom of it 

    This edition of The Inside Story can also be downloaded as a PDF.

    For those readers who have grown to look forward to the arrival of
    The Beacon, please note that your next issue will arrive in April 2018. It will have a new name in 2018 – Pink Lady.

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    Thanks - no I didn't see that!
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    Pink Lady!??!???