Disappointed in The Beacon's name change



  • SoldierCrab
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    thank for taking time out of your own world to do this on behalf of those who feel so passionately about this. 

  • AllyJay
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    @Afraser, please add my name to the list for NO to Pink Lady. @BCNA, please note....

  • Afraser
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    Sorry, the letter has already gone! 
  • traveltext
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    Zoffiel, it’s not about faith, I know BCNA will be ethical about the survey, it’s just that I’d like to see the question put clearly since we only get one go at this. 
  • June1952
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    Hi @traveltext
    Agree.  Unfortunately some members are rarely on-line for many reasons so hopefully ALL members will receive an email and it will include the reasons for the survey.
  • primek
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    @traveltext and @Summerhill38 Exactly. 
  • Sister
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    Thanks @Afraser
  • Lmc1310
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    Yes thanks very, very much Afraser

  • Hello5678
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    Hi, I’m newish to the BCAN, diagnosed in November 2017 - could someone advise how I get a copy of the Beacon/Pink Lady? I assume it’s a newsletter? Was I meant to have signed up for it? Thanks. 
  • Sister
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    You can access it from the main page.  I don't know whether it is also emailed (I have a vague recollection of saying yes to getting it as I was rushing out of Breastscreen to my GP)
  • Annski
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    Yukk! Pink Lady is so not how I see myself or this network. I think I'd be ashamed to tell anyone I was on it! See the recent comments on the movie Convoy. Maybe that would be a better title. BTW for all the cocktail aficionados, don't get your Pink Lady mixed up with that classic outback special, the White Lady - Sunshine Milk powder and metho. (Sorry if you are feeling queasy).

  • steplightly
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    Thanks afraser for composing and posting the letter  
  • Annski
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    Only just caught up with this discussion and commented on an earlier date thread. I have not received any email or survey about this in fact haven't heard from the organisation at all for ages. Do I need to sign up specifically for emails?