Disappointed in The Beacon's name change



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    Why are the BCNA taking so long to respond to this issue?im actually really surprised to be honest. And I still can’t see any response as to why they have to change it??  And why at the very least hasn’t Christine Nixon responded to the letter sent to her by @traveltext ? That’s a bit of a shame. Why can’t we start  a post on suggestions for a name and logo change then? That seems fair doesn’t it ? Margie. Xx
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    It seems a shame the change.when the online network was changed bcna really listened to us and made changes to accomadate and realy kept us informed.this seems different l hope the woman and men who make up the bcna are not being forgotten. Even the friday update seems not the same. I hope bcna is not loosing its roots. 
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    Just  wanted to say I believe that it is christine Nolan who is the ceo not christine Nixon, can someone correct me?
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 1,551
    Christine Nolan is correct. 
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    thanks, I just hope that any letters to her were in fact addressed to christine nolan and not nixon!!
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    Great ideas @Zoffiel. I’d like to see the pink lady dressed up like that. :)

    Has BCNA become so big that they are unable to respond to the needs of the very people they advocate for and provide an online platform for? I have cancelled my Pink Lady/ the Beacon newsletter in protest. 
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    @Zoffiel, love the way you think. We may not want the rebranding of the Beacon, but we do need to be able to offer constructive alternatives. Your suggestion goes a long way ☺
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    Oh that's a shame!  
    It's presently skeleton staff in a lot of organisations so perhaps that’s the case for BCNA.  
    Giovanna has passed our concerns on.
    I have sent an email on the feedback email for the Beacon. Hopefully others have also!
    Maybe this strategy hiccup needs to go to the Board and goodness knows when they meet.....
    As @Zoffiel commented earlier this should be causing consternation. 
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    @Zoffiel Totally agree with your post. Smart idea...love the blue addition. I had the image of a pink lady holding hands with a blue man. Just my thoughts. 
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