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  • poodlejules
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  • poodlejules
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    It is very arty ! Maybe just a clear lacquer which might help hold it together as well, someone more creative out there will probs let you know.
  • Sister
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    Photos, please!
  • SoldierCrab
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    oh Zoffiel you would look much better than this model  ;)
  • Annie C
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    How wonderful.
    You always find such interesting and out of the ordinary photos to intrigue us.

  • arpie
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    GORGEOUS  @Sister - how lucky are YOU?   What sort of a tree it is??  Doesn't look like a gum!

  • Sister
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    Not sure what it is but it suffered badly when we were burning off near the house this year. We've had koalas in all sorts of trees including pines.
  • Sarnicad
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    I hope my gardens aren’t a reflection of me atm. The back one is dirt and weeds and in desperate need of a makeover.  The front had a six foot hedge that I thought was blocking out too much light and making the house cold and damp(it was) so I ordered hubby to give it a vicious haircut back to about 3 foot. The whole front of house looks much more presentable and the hedge is filling in nicely but probably now shows that we need a new fence!