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  • Sister
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    There's one at an Otis property here in SA, I believe ( at Goolwa- not too far from Pt Elliot, @Romla)
  • Afraser
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    Nope, I am trying to share a photo of my grafted citrus - which has just had a growth spurt. I have purple thumbs so the best I can do for plants is to leave them alone. My grafted citrus had never produced an orange to my knowledge, and only three tangerines. But lots of excellent lemons and a fair few grapefruit. I am hoping the growth spurt means something! 
  • Doin'it
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    @Zoffiel I love the bath!!
  • Annie C
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    I love how your swimming pool overlooks your lake. Any crocs in the lake? I can supply a few if you want a unique attraction! And do I spy a kookaburra on the birdbath? Tomorrow I will try for a photo of our resident kookaburra that comes in every morning for his feed of mince. He thieves it from the butcherbirds. Got them fooled!
  • Doin'it
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    @Annie C haha no thanks to the crocs. Isn’t it nice to share pictures that matter to us. Love my backyard. It has helped keep my sanity for many years xx
  • iserbrown
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    @Doodoo - what a beautiful outlook you have!
  • Doin'it
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    @iserbrown I just love it. I’m so lucky
  • Zoffiel
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    You are a woman after my own heart @soldiercrab I'm also a 'jam it in there and see how it goes' gardener--the more the merrier and what grows well this year will come back the next. The lizards, mainly skinks and a couple of dinosaur blue tongues, get most of the strawberries and no doubt the birds will get the majority of the raspberries, but who cares. Mxx
  • SoldierCrab
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    Not seen in the photos I have pots with blackberries and raspberries like the Strawberry pot... we have 2 apples and nectarines and peaches  in that Mix of trees.  down the back corner is our chook shed they are fenced in now as they were eating all my Bulbs  lost a heap of tulips to them.... 

  • Annie C
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    This year I managed to grow strawberries (we had a cold "dry"). However I forgot about the bowerbirds. They feasted well. We learnt the lesson and have netted the mulberry trees, much to the chagrin of Mr Bower bird who now marches up and down the outside cussing loudly.

    I love how your garden rambles.

    I too make my own yoghurt. Much nicer and cheaper than commercially made yoghurt. 

    @Zoffiel a dinosaur blue tongue lives behind our back verandah fridge (you know the fridge out the back for the coldies). He raids the mince we put out for the butcherbirds and the kookaburra. He's got them fooled!