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  • arpie
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    Some free patterns for all you clever Sewing people (I was going to put ‘sewers’ but it looks and sounds all wrong!  LOL)

    See if you like any of these, to play around with ...
  • Blossom1961
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    @arpie So that is why I don't enjoy sewing. 
  • Locksley
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    I cracked up about not being able to Sew with a sink full of dishes.   I guess that's why I like scrapbooking.  Doesn't matter if I have a sink full of dishes.  I am finding I am having a bit of fatigue after radiation now so quite often I do the dishes the next morning. 
  • Jwrenn
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    @arpie love the collage quilts. There are some very creative people out there. 
  • jennyss
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    Dear @StrongCoffee,
    Beautiful! I'm imagining the painting is of a scene at dawn, near a beach on the east coast. It is just starting to get light where I am now. Best wishes for your surgery coming up.
  • StrongCoffee
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    @jennyss thank you, I'm not sure if I'll feel more or less anxious once I have the date 😐