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    @AllyJay, bless xxx 
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    Ha Ha, Love it xxx
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    The post above has reminded me of the charity Knitted Knockers.  Link here for anyone that may find beneficial
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    Hey everyone!

    Wow this thread has become huge. So great to see! I'm going to change it up and put a piece of writing I wrote for anyone who has experienced loss. Hugs xo

    The morning
    greets me with seamless blue skies and a startling crispness,

    Whilst the
    deafening silence envelopes me,

    Slowly and
    deeply I take my breath, suspended in that moment,

    My fear, my
    release, my pain,

    Letting go
    of the things I no longer control, faith in something unseen,

    If only to
    see you again, to know with certainty of the heavens in which you await,

    To reconcile
    who I am, in the depths of who I was made to be,

    The clash, contrast
    and acceptance of all that I am without you.

    The world
    keeps turning whilst I no longer hear you, feel you or see you.

    fading as I search my endless mind, for one last glimpse,

    Of something
    that holds me close, to the undeniable essence of you.

    pain that surges through me, leaving me breathless, crippled and quiet,

    The busyness
    of life in all its abundance, yet I stand paralysed in the quiet stillness.

    existing, fighting, longing, for a peace to conquer the absence, disconnection
    and sorrow.

    So for today
    I will hold myself in the only way a parent can, and just for a moment I will
    silence the debilitating ache with gently closed eyes and remember that love still
    exists and is timeless.

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    Dear @melclarity,
    Your poem is very moving; not 'soppy' or 'sad'. Big things beautifully expressed - thank you
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    @jennyss thank you! I think everyone has some creative outlet, this soothes my soul when I write :) xx
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    Xmas is just over 2 months away and as I found out sending a birthday card to NZ ... it can take 5 weeks!  Probably longer to UK and USA .... 

    So time to make your Xmas cards and get them in the mail!

    I thought these were ‘doable’ .... 

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    @Arpie they look great.  I must make a start on some xmas cards too.  
  • arpie
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    Here's an idea for all you 'crafty people'!!

    A really neat Birthday Calendar!!   With room to add more birthdays 'as required'!!

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    That is so clever.  What a great idea for a gift for Granny !
  • arpie
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    Anyone any good at doing Stained Glass?  Check this out ....I love the 'shadow' when the sun hits it!!

    Or you could paint it on with special glass paint?  Draw on the 'outlines' that would otherwise be the lead?

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    Love it @arpie. I love stain glass but also cats