COVID booster shots

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So, government has announced that those undergoing active chemo, radiotherapy and/or hormonal therapy are eligible for the booster shots as they are severely immuno-compromised. 

I am 2.5 years NED and I am taking hormonal therapy.  Silly question but does this mean I am eligible even though I am NED?  If yes - I didn’t realise that I would classify as severely immunocompromised. Doesn’t make sense….


  • arpie
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    WOW!  After Reading the document - it would definitely indicate that those on Hormone therapy ARE eligible for the booster shot .... maybe check with your Onc tho?   

    I hadn't automatically included myself in those getting the booster shot when I heard it was announced .... but if they are offering it, it will give us better immunity .... so I guess I'd be getting it, as well as hubby who is on chemo!!

    Thanks for putting it up!
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    Hi there
    i read that and it was unclear to me whether the relevant para referring to being on hormonal therapy was for those who are NED ( no evidence of disease) or only those who are in it because they are stage 4 or if it is before their surgery .
    I agree that you  would not normally think of someone who has finished all their treatment apart from hormonal therapy and is NED as severely immunocompromised.
    But I will be checking with my medical team.
    @Mez_BCNA , do you think the Cancer Council will put something out and then that can be added to the announcement post above about Covid 19 vaccination?
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    Thanks for sharing this @jintie

    I am on hormone therapy so was interested. I guess I should ask the oncologist about this but seems that I should get that booster. My second dose was July this year so according to that information I would be eligible now. Certainly better for me to have that shot rather than covid. 
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    I asked my GP and she has me booked in on  Monday for Pfizer! It has been 9 weeks since my second shot of Astra. I was stage 2 when I had the op in July and haven’t been scanned yet so don’t know if I’m NED.

    I was doing radiation in between the first two AZ shots though so I was wondering if that might have reduced my response. 

    Anyway if they are happy to give it to me I’m in!
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    @jintie thank you for bringing this up,  I too am confused as to whether or not I should be having the booster.  I had my 2nd pfizer late May so would be due a booster if I fall into this group.

    I finished what i call active treatment (chemo & rad)s in March 2020 and have been on Femara since then and am NED, although had a bit of a scare at annual mammogram (thankfully all good).

    Would be good to know if I am considered severely immunocompromised as had not considered myself in this category.

    Think I may contact my GP to find out what he thinks.  Hopefully this will be clarified soon.  In the meantime hope you are all staying safe.
  • Halla
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    I had the booster today! I saw the GP first, just to check I qualified or whether I should wait longer but she said 100% have it now, she had no doubts at all. 

    She said it is really to bring us up to the level of antibodies other people (those without cancer/having treatment) would have got with two shots.
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    I will be asking the question because im getting my second jab early. This Saturday  (Got so hard to organise the whole thing)    from what ive read the optimal with az is 12 weeks. And mine will only be 6 weeks.
  • arpie
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    Saw hubby’s (and my) Onc today. She definitely wants us both to have the booster .... and has said it will be even more effective if you get a DIFFERENT ONE for the booster.  So if you had AZ for the first two ... go Moderna or Pfizer for the booster. We will probably have Moderna for the booster as the chemists can do that in our area ... Pfizer is still being held for the youngies. 

    Double check if you need a letter from the Onc .... or that the recommendation is at least put to your GP in your report  .... tho the chemist can access your Meds list via Medicare anyway and see what you are on. It would be Better for peace of mind tho, to have it in writing in case they turn you away!!

    take care xx
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @Julez1958, we are working on an update in the My Journey tool to be able to provide to our members which is in the final stages of being completed. I will also update the COVID-19 discussion when this information is available and in the meantime we are directing people to discuss with their GP in the regarding their questions/concerns. Thankyou for flagging.
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    @arpie have you been able to book your booster at a pharmacy?  My oncologist wants me to have a booster Pfizer or Moderna, but apparently pharmacies are still unable to administer third doses at this stage - even though they have been ATAGI approved.
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    @arpie I have heard that the efficacy doesn't wane as quickly with Astra Zeneca as it does with the Pfizer jab.  Not sure about Moderna though as that is relatively new to us here in Oz.  I wonder what the reasoning is that your Onc suggests a  different vaccine type for the booster shot? 
  • arpie
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    Not yet for me, @Southgirl - I don't see the Onc for 'me' until Nov - so maybe things will have changed by then at the chemists?  We have a fairly high uptake response in our areas, so maybe the Moderna WILL be available earlier for boosters ...... (this was Hubby's chemo appt today.)  He has his 2nd one on Sat, so should be good for the booster in a 1-2 months.

    @Keeping_positive1 - my Onc is the professional, so I trust her - she will be 'up' with all the latest Covid protection info for her patients.  If she'd been advised that 3 x AZ were better for her patients, I am sure she'd be advising that instead.  She said that the protection against covid is more effective (as I said above) by using a different one for the booster shot.

  • Keeping_positive1
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    @arpie there must be a reason your oncologists suggest an mRNA vaccine for the booster shot, i was just wondering was it explained to you.  I would also be going with what my oncologist suggests.  Let's hope all this covid saga will soon be behind us.  Best wishes.
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    Hi everyone,

    Please note there is an updated COVID-19 vaccine article to include information regarding the third dose. Please refer below link to My Journey (If you scroll down it is the second last drop down 'Can I get third dose of vaccine?'

    If you have any trouble accessing the information please let me know or call the helpline 1800 500 258.

    (This has been included in the COVID-19 Discussion thread as well)
  • Keeping_positive1
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    @arpie it looks like an ATAGI recommendation, so that clears up why your oncologist suggests if you had  Astra Zeneca for the first two doses, then an mRNA is recommended for the third dose.  Although those that have had two doses of an mRNA vaccine should still have the same type (mRNA) for their third dose if suggested a third dose is required.  

    @Southgirl I hope you can find somewhere local to you to get your third dose.