New Groups

  • This group has been formed to support the childless men and women by choice or by circumstance during treatment or after treatment. As childless wome…
    11 discussions 15 members Private Group
  • This group has been established to connect members around the topic of 'Work and breast cancer'. If you are looking for more information and support…
    3 discussions 52 members Most recent discussion: Welcome by nikov June 19
  • This is a public group for participants of the BCNA Walking Challenge. This is a space to share stories, photos and find motivation. The BCNA Walkin…
    8 discussions 18 members Most recent discussion: New to this group that I didn't know existed by Sister May 24
  • This is a private group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples affected by breast cancer.
    5 discussions 24 members Private Group
  • This is a group for young women affected by breast cancer. In relation to treatment, the breast cancer world generally refers to pre-menopausal women…
    31 discussions 195 members Most recent discussion: Fat grafting for simpler reconstruction by Vangirl August 17
  • This is a private group for discussing sexual health and emotions during and after breast cancer. We cover a lot of issues, including the effects of …
    113 discussions 254 members Private Group
  • This is a private group for leaders of online network groups.
    18 discussions 24 members Private Group
  • This private group is a place for women to connect, help make decisions & share their experiences of breast reconstruction through words and pi…
    1,358 discussions 1,577 members Private Group
  • This is a private group for people living with metastatic breast cancer (also called secondary and advanced).
    397 discussions 581 members Private Group