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COVID booster shots



  • SheroShero Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2021
    After reading this thread, I rang the vaccine booking line to book my third dose. I quoted the ATAGI article, but I was told that third doses aren't approved in Queensland yet. Does any one have any other information about when approval will be given?
  • SouthgirlSouthgirl Member Posts: 80
    @Shero I'm in NSW, and pharmacies and vaccination hubs have told me they are still waiting on official advice.  It is very frustrating.

  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    My GP, Telehealth consultation on another matter, raised the subject, confirmed that I am eligible and will provide a letter accordingly. She says I can get it at any registered immunisation outlet (eg the chemist next to my medical practice) in Victoria. She also confirmed that for those of us who had AstraZeneca, a MRNa vaccine for the third shot is recommended (so Pfizer or Moderna). 
  • SheroShero Member Posts: 7
    I agree it's frustrating. This morning I was told to watch the covid website for updates. I believe it will happen here by the end of the year, but am keen given borders are opening soon. All the more reason to continue to be careful  :)
  • Cath62Cath62 Member Posts: 933
    Hi @Shero,

    I phoned qld health and was told that they just don't know the process yet. Seems the federal government announced that third dose and for who but any details beyond that still need  to be worked out. 

    They said to keep an eye on their website. I am keen as my last dose was 2nd July. Now we have our roadmap for opening let's hope they get that process sorted out quickly.

  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    Third shot booked online! Moderna. I wasn’t actually asked which shot it was but I have a letter to say I am eligible. Should all be done in a couple of weeks. 
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    Whoops no! Rang to change the time, due to yet another Telstra stuff up, and yes advice from federal government about shots for specific categories received but not details and procedures! Sounds slightly familiar. To call again at the beginning of next week. 
  • SouthgirlSouthgirl Member Posts: 80
    Yes @Afraser that's the same info I have received in NSW as well.  I'm planning to wait a couple of weeks then try again.  Good luck - keep us posted!
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    I suspect this is another case of the federal government announcing something that no-one is actually set up to deliver. It now appears that approval is still pending for Pfizer (no mention of Moderna) as a third shot. If it gets approved ahead of general approval of a booster shot for those vaccinated in February/March, it will be good. But it may not. 
  • jintiejintie Member Posts: 114
    edited October 2021
    Hmmm.  Well I had my booster shot yesterday at my local chemist.  My oncologist supplied a letter.  My GP was going to do it (Pfizer) but I wanted the Moderna.  No issues for me.
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    Thanks for that, that’s heartening! Hope my chemist can resolve the problem on Monday otherwise I’ll shop around! 
  • StarGirlStarGirl Member Posts: 128
    edited October 2021
    @Southgirl you can 100% get your booster at the pharmacy. I had first two AZ shots (March and June) and am booked in to have my third shot (booster) of Moderna at my local National Pharmacy on Tuesday.  Just need to bring your Medicare card and a letter from your doctor stating you are eligible for the booster. Hope that helps X
  • TempleTemple Member Posts: 42
    It took a lot of poking around for me to find that ATAGI advice on the Vic services app yesterday and was quite surprised. 
    I’m keen for a booster as I live in an entrenched covid hotpsot with lower vax rates🤬.I was also surprised at the lack of vaccine outlets in my area - none listed on the app and my GP clinic has never offered Covid vaccine

    I never thought I was in an immunocompromised cohort let alone “severely”. 
    In fact the majority of information about breast cancer treatment and covid19 vaccine (reputable BC sites) says BC treatment does not affect your risk or affect immunity!
    Maybe BCNA should put this on Twitter etc so everyone eligible due to BC knows, because it seems at this stage, it’s little known.
    I appreciate the quick update  and clarification here from BCNA👏
  • arnlybubarnlybub Member Posts: 20
    I was at my GP yesterday for something else and mentioned getting the booster.  The practice just happened to be running a Pfizer vaccine clinic at the time, my Dr went out out and came back with the injection and did me there and then.  I'd had AZ in May and July.  Had the whole gamut of side effects with the first AZ and nothing with the second.  Last night and today I feel like I've been run over by a truck - teeth chattering, whole body aches and as weak as a wet kitten, bit of a fever (38.2) and a really sore arm.  I'd forgotten how crap I'd felt with the first dose (bit like chemo!).  I'd be interested to see if anyone else displays the same symptoms - I'm 54 so in the prime range for side effects.
  • noosa_blue150noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 193
    edited October 2021
    I am in Qld. I downloaded the ATAGI advice and showed it to oncologist who,read it and said go,ahead and get 3rd shot. I gave a copy to,GP surgery as well as they hadn’t seen updated advice and then GP happy to administer Pfizer as 3rd shot ( I’d previously had AZ x2). No,side effects with AZ  (other than very mild headache treated with a Panadol) but admit I didn’t feel great day 1 after Pfizer -was running a bit of a temperature ; arm sore but I just rested and felt fine day 2 .
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