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Creative Corner!



  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    EXCELLENT, @Louweezer!!  Well done!

  • Jwrenn
    Jwrenn Member Posts: 137
    @iserbrown I think I’ve got got pattern pulled out too! I haven’t made it though, too busy trying to finish a quilt.
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,375
    Did anyone see this fascinating story on ABC Landline
  • StrongCoffee
    StrongCoffee Member Posts: 123
    I just love those @Louweezer !!! I've just followed you on insta - looking forward to more sweary stitching on my feed! 
  • Louweezer
    Louweezer Member Posts: 24
    @arpie @StrongCoffee thank you! I have another one that says "maybe swearing will help" !!! 
  • AllyJay
    AllyJay Member Posts: 926
    Gosh...a man of many talents....and good looking to boot!!! The drawings are just lovely and I especially like the one of the of the most beautiful of all animals. Thank you for sharing his work with us.
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,375
    Gorgeous 🌷
  • Locksley
    Locksley Member Posts: 884
    Wow that is beautiful. 
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    That is AMAZING @ScorpionQueen!  Well done, and lucky @primek!