Music: what song you are listening to...invites and answers the question ‘how are you’



  • June1952
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    Oh, the joys of the old vinyl - I have some form the late 60s.  There is no way I could sell Leonard Cohen's 1969 album, though !!!!  I have such a variety of music from the 70s and what memories it invokes.
  • Tasia
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    @Cath62 - Hubby has hit the jackpot, nothing beats the old turntable. Love it! You have also discovered that you are sitting on a little wealth. Collectors may be willing to top that $78 price point :-)

    You have now taken me down memory lane - thank you. I was a young girl, pre teens when I heard California Dreamin for the 1st time
  • Afraser
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    I accidentally bought an LP
    for the first time in decades last year when I bought Gurramul’s  Djarrimirri. Then discovered the turntable drive band had perished! But got a new one online and have been listening to some LPs since! Quite interesting to listen to some of the old stuff - Melanie for example! 
  • Cath62
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    @Tasia glad my post brought back some memories. That mama and papas album cost me $1. I think I got it second hand but the price was still on it. 

    Good on you @Fraser. I know Melanie but albums of hers. We have all sorts of music on LP from classical to Christmas stories, pop, jazz, rock and even punk.  Really loving going through them. My husband is trying to digitalise them so it is a big project now.
  • arpie
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    I love the Mamas & the Papas, @Tasia & @Cath62- I live in a real time warp ..... I don't really like anything much after the early 80s ...

    I left SO MANY of my records in NZ when we moved back to Aussie in 1999 .... I've always regretted it.  But I kept all my SKY records (I LOVE their stuff & saw them live x 2, too). AMAZING group - each member is considered the 'best in the world' at their instrument - yet there are no egos in the group & they played amazing music - some with a terrific sense of humour!

    And these days, there are SO MANY LPs put onto Youtube - you can download an app & then save them to your computer as an MP3 etc .....  you can even change the pitch of the song, so that you can play along with it, in the key you prefer (guitar or uke!) ;) 

    Some time ago, I bought a Turntable with the purpose of digitising them .... but still haven't gotten around to it .....