Music: what song you are listening to...invites and answers the question ‘how are you’

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edited September 2020 in General discussion go to song at present is Paloma Faith ‘Better Than This’

A refocus perhaps. What is your go to song? x


  • Raich
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    Haven’t played it but keep singing it in my head.... “Shake it Off!” Taylor Swift.
  • Tasia
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    @Raich- I’ve added it to my repertoire list.

    Music is Therapy.
    I have also run out of ‘appropriate’ responses to the well meaning ‘how are you’ question
  • JennyD78
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    Cake's cover of I Will Survive.  Much grittier and grungier than Gloria Gaynor's so suits my "eff everything" kinda vibe at the moment ;)
  • poodlejules
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    I'm loving the new Taylor Swift album Folklore, easy to listen to and to sing along to. I've also gone down the nostalgia highway and started listening to Neil Young again. My mum used to call him the 'whining whinger' when I was playing him loud in my teens ;) now my adult kids are also questioning my music choices  :D
  • Romla
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    It’s an oldie but in the depths of a covid winter when the beach not the best I like this

  • Afraser
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    That’s one of the few records I remember my parents having! Played on a ‘utility furniture’ radiogram. Thanks for the link! 
  • Tasia
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    @Romla - poignant in mood. You have introduced me to a new song, thank you
  • Tasia
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    @poodlejules - I love the ability to blend our music, past to present. Shift gears naturally :-) 
    I have been listening to Janis (Maybe), Eric Clapton and Dido (Hurricane). A favourite Brothers in Arms.
    I am sure my adult children think their mum has lost the plot :-)
  • Tasia
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    @JennyD78 - I feel the ʻeffʻ everything has a place Jenny. 
    I remember those disco years along with Sister Sledge ʻWe are Familyʻ

    In the wee hours of the morning, I will throw the disco mix into the music pot :-)
  • poodlejules
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    Yes @Tasia I so agree! I love the music I grew up with but also love the music my kids have grown up with (well most .....I still can't get my head around some of the doof doof) . Just don't play Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers on a day when you're feeling dismal.....I let a bit of Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca in then :)
    And singing helps. The online Couch Choir recordings have been great fun during COVID . Latest one here:
  • Tasia
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    @poodlejules - a happy song to lift spirits  :-)
    Doof doof is well outside my zone of comfort. My children leave the room when I play Loreena Mckennitt - not everyoneʻs cup of tea. 
    Cindy Lauper, Womack & Womack , Phil Collins - my 80s days.
    Yep, love the latino vibrancy - have lost my mojo :-(  Bones ache from the pegfilgrastim injections. Best I can perform is gentle mindfulness qi gong (at home).

  • Sister
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    "True" by Concrete Blonde is always a go to when I'm feeling punchy (or wanting to).  
  • poodlejules
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    Qi Gong is the best! I tune in to the older guy Don? on youtube when I'm feeling a bit slow and the Yoqi lady when I have a bit more oomph, feel so much better afterwards . Hope you're feeling a lot better soon!
  • Jwrenn
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    We played Ed Sheerans Supermarket Flowers at my mums funeral, not sure I could listen to it without tearing up now. 😥
  • Tasia
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    I tune in to the older guy Don? 
    I donʻt know him, is he an instructor? When you have a moment would you please guide me his way? x