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    Don’t be. Chemo is so different to what it was even ten years ago. Furthermore, side effects are largely controlled by medications so you never need to put up with feeling horrendous. Keep your medical team up to date with how you feel, keep a journal and note any and all side effects so that you can relate those back. You never know, you may be one of those who has a negligible reaction. Try to stay occupied in the meantime. xxx
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    I know it's hard to do Caroline, but try not to stress too much about chemo side effects. It's not like it was in the bad old days, there's no non-stop vomiting. There are drugs for most of the side effects. It's grotty but doable. Some people work through it with only the occasional day off! I found, on the advice of everyone here, that truly the best way through the cancer shitshow is to take it one day at a time. As my psychologist says, no predictive grief. As my yoga teacher says, there is only now. Lots of teachers! Big hug lovely, K xox
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    Chemo is not a whole lot of fun but for most of us, it's manageable.  Don't believe the movies.  It's hard being somewhere that you don't know many people.  Hopefully, someone from Townsville will hop on and give you some local info.
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    My advice on chemo is to take someone with you for the first and second doses. I was ok on the first one but terrified as you sound but they infused it very slowly and it took hours. I couldn't really concentrate on reading or talking with my husband but I did take a laptop, plugged into a point at the back of the chair (the chairs are nice) and put the lappy on a food table on wheels and wore a head set so I didn't disturb other patients. I put my favourite movie in the cd with uplifting music which made the time really fly by.
    The second dose I had a reaction to it and it was so sudden that had my husband not been there and realized straight away, I would have been in more trouble. The nurse had just turned her back and for the life of me I could not press the emergency button. All was halted and more premed put in and the reaction went away. 
    If you live 20 mins or more from the center, take a bottle of water for the trip home. My mouth suddenly turned in to the Sahara desert and my throat was dry as a bone. 
    Other side effects apart from being tired just sort of evolve and you will get around those as they come. We are very adaptable but just take it one day at a time. I am hoping the chemo for you really works well and a lot of that chest muscle stuff just disappears. You aren't on the way out yet and shouldn't be for a long time so don't panic. We will help you with any questions no matter how odd or silly. We've all been there. <3
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    @Caroline71 What a rough time you're going through. You've already had lots of good advice here. Just wishing you well.
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    Thank you to all you lovely ladies
    Thank goodness for this site
    Have all the scans tomorrow and get results if it’s spread etc on Friday so I will keep you all posted.
    sending hugs to you all xx
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    HI  @Caroline71  I went through Townsville last year. Am so sorry you have to be here.  I found Townsville hospital great. They have specialist breast surgeons and 3 full time breast care nurses so you will have heaps of support.  I had 3 surgeries last year as well as chemo in between the 2nd and 3rd surgery.   If you need to know anything you can send me a PM any time.    Also while I went through it all I was approached by Audreys Angels based in Ingham it is a fantastic support system and we all meet up once a month.
    All the best with everything and any questions just fire away.  I went public the whole way and had the same surgeon for 3 surgeries as well as the same wonderful oncologist.  Big hugs  xo
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    All the best for your results, @Caroline71 - we'll all be thinking of you with fingers & toes crossed  xx

    You'll have a good buddy in @kitkatb  xx   Sounds like the team up there is terrific - and Audreys Angels sounds great too

    take care xx

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    Thank you Arpie
    Sending hugs xx
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    Hi @Caroline71
    Waiting is just the worst. As all the ladies have said, please know we are all here to support and listen (read) anytime! Best thing is, everyone totally gets it and understands.
    Sending my best wishes and thoughts to you, especially over the next week as you have further tests and appointments.
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    Thank you suburbangirl.
    The waiting is horrible, can not sleep at night either.
    Good to have you ladies to talk too 
    Sending hugs xx
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    Just sent you PM @Caroline71.
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    @Caroline71 Sending you love, strength & prayers. This waiting game is horrible but we are all here for you. @kitkatb mentioned that there are breast care nurses in Townsville so I hope you have made contact with one of them or jump on the McGrath website & email a nurse close to you. She will provide so much comfort & support to you & your family & will be someone who you can talk to & ask ALL those questions that we forget to ask the medical staff. Hope the scans went well & fingers crossed for the results tomorrow. Hugs xx 
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    @Caroline71 good luck today. We are all thinking of you. Dont stop believing!
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    @Caroline71 - wondering how you are getting on.  Lots of ladies have been in touch with support which is really great.
    Hoping the results and treatment plan are not as bad as you were thinking.  Anne