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  • SisterSister Member Posts: 4,960
    Morning, @KayB55

    You'll probably find that there will be some differences in each cycle - for me with AC, the first and fourth were the hardest for different reasons - but they generally follow a similar pattern.  It's worth keeping a running log of how you're feeling, what you've taken, temp, etc.  You probably won't remember details later (and I was never good at remembering when I had the last tablet!).
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,012
    @KayB55 For the majority, it gets better. My first week after each cycle was sleep deprived but the first cycle was by far the worst. Hang in there and just rest when you can. 

  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    @KayB55 Yes, yes and yes! Sorry, but it is really hard to tell  Broadly speaking though chemo side effects tend to be cumulative. My first round of TC was awful, the second round was the easiest, and then the rest got harder. The body does seem to get used to it in a way  The shock of the new subsides and you learn how to manage the side effects as best you can.

    Sleep when you need to. All normal rules go out the window! K xox
  • KayB55KayB55 Member Posts: 75
    As always, thank you. I'm up and showered feeling a lot better but am getting a friend to come and stay tonight. I need to get a new bra because my existing ones have dug into my body so looks like a shopping excursion this arvo, after the crowds are gone.

  • strongtogetherstrongtogether Member Posts: 163
    What is this "sleep" that you people speak of?
  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    Dunno. It's a mystery to me...
  • SisterSister Member Posts: 4,960
    It is something that I have read about.
  • ZoffielZoffiel Member Posts: 3,348
    We only speak of it in hushed tones of reverence for a bygone experience.
  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 896
    I seem to remember that is something that used to happen many many eons ago. I now place myself in a horizontal position on my torture rack (formerly called a bed), every night in the hope that it will return. I reckon it's like trying to pick up mercury with a pair of tweezers. Just as you think you have it, it slips away, yet again.
  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    @AllyJayVery good description. I used to love going to bed. Now I really do dread it. Over the last week my waking three times a night has doubled. Other than a rapid increase of 13yo boy induced stress there have been no other changes. I'll drag myself off there now, load up with painkillers and work on my lats flipping the doona on and off all night as I endlessly hot flush...
  • kamadakamada Member Posts: 70
    Sitting here after third chemo knowing I need sleep because I have been up since before 5 but dreading the bloody long night with not a lot of sleep because of my usual post chemo indigestion/reflux. Just feeling like having a whinge instead of putting on a brave face. Even though I am handling it really well compared with others, cancer and chemo still suck big time and prove that life really isn’t f’ing fair! Ok whinge over, off to belch the night away while fondly recalling my days of dancing the night away. 💃🏻🎼 Hope you ladies have a reasonable night - Thanks for listening! 😘
  • SisterSister Member Posts: 4,960
    @kamada - ring your clinic and get something stronger.  I was put on Ativan for nausea and Somac (later changed to Nexium) for reflux.  It made a huge difference.
  • kamadakamada Member Posts: 70
    Hi @Sister! I had a chat to them yesterday and they put me on somac twice a day. Thank you it is great to know it is likely to help. Didn’t get much sleep but somac might need more than one dose to kick in. Also had late afternoon hit of steroids that wouldn’t have helped sleep as well as being the cause of the inelegant belching according to my oncologist! However there have been unintended bonuses from them I think because each time a pesky haemorrhoid has pulled its head in for a while and today a foot injury that has been giving a bit of curry is feeling fine - winner winner! 😎😂. Mental attitude back on track and pysching up for my morning walk! Have a good day @Sister and thanks for the info ! 😘
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,012
    @kamada I had horrific reflux after each treatment. My onco had me on losec three times a day leading up to treatment then a week after when I was on AC then daily when on Taxol
  • kamadakamada Member Posts: 70
    You poor darling! I really feel for what you went through. I have been on FEC and had the last of them yesterday. But start on 9 weekly Taxol combined with the start of 3 weekly herceptin in 3 weeks so will see what delights the taxol has in store for me. It doesn’t sound too promising as I have an hiatus hernia that gets stirred up by the drugs. Anyway forewarned is forearmed so I won’t waste any time getting appropriate treatment like I did during FEC. Thank you for the heads up and I hope you and all the other helpful sisters on this network are travelling well. 😘🥰
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