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Is that right? Did you really say that?



  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 83
    Some of these mothers don’t deserve us!
  • Milly21Milly21 Member Posts: 107
    Bon Bon said:
    Ha ha I am amazed at how many people tell me all about a friend or relative that had BC then go on to but she died 
    oh and I made I toddler scream and run to his mummy when I went turbenless in the supermarket
    Yes I've had many stories like that and I always think why would you tell someone that if you know there being treated for breast cancer.
  • CaseypintoCaseypinto Member Posts: 258
    I've had:
    "well at least your cancer isn't as bad as mine...." then the very next day rings me and says "actually I've done some research and yours is actually worse than mine"...... didn't know whether to feel proud or sad!! 
    When I was upset one day after my double mx, husband says "well at least you don't have cancer anymore so don't worry" .... oh ok 

    and the old favourite - " at least your boobs will look fantastic " .... yeah... but feel like two sandbags are super glued to my chest with a steel cage inserted inside my rib cage and feel rock hard and not be able to move and have no nipples, huge scars and no feeling!  :D
  • Cynth6Cynth6 Member Posts: 189
    Best post ever !! I constantly have my dad telling me to cut out sugar or to eat stupid apricot kernels to avoid reoccurrence. Because yep what we eat or don’t eat causes cancer ! 

    Ive also heard the “breast cancer is the easiest to cure” and then I reply back with oh yeah so how did my mum die from beast cancer ?!

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  • viking1viking1 Perth, Western Australia, NORMember Posts: 288
    I told my dad I had breast cancer first, then my sister.  She said "Is that the official diagnosis?"  I said yes, I needed surgery, chemo and radiation. She said, "Well, the chemo and radiation are going to kill you anyway."  I didn't say anything but the next day she said she wanted to apologise as she MAY have said the wrong thing! Possibly!
    I quite liked the response from a 'friend' whose brother I had been dating:  "Maybe it's best you just stay friends with X as he's already had one wife die on him."!!!  I said I didn't intend to die.  Didn't say I wan't intending to get married either!  That friendship has sailed!
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  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,961
    edited January 2018
    Ha, @Eastmum that reminds me of the first conversation I had with my very young GP when my path results came back in 2006. I'd already seen the surgeon and reviewed the grim news.

    I've zombie walked into his office to met with 'Well, you are all clear, you can relax now.' I've done a classic double take and said 'No, it's cancer.' Cue patronizing reply, 'No, it's not.' This goes back and forward at increasing volume until I'm snarling 'Read the fucking report.'
    More eyerolling and paper shuffling then dead silence (apart from me panting in the background)  Then, 'Oh. Sorry.'

    Bizarrely I felt like I had won some sort of competition. Not so bizarrely the relationship soured somewhat after that.

    I still wonder if he'd mixed me up with someone else. I hope that if he had, mine was the first appointment so he didn't have to call someone back and tell them they didn't really have cancer, that it  was all a misunderstanding.
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