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  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,308
    So Miss Inkpetal  what do you think you need to get some mojo back to be more creative ... MIND you I think compared to me you got the bucket of creativity and I got the practicality bucket.... 
  • jenajena Ashby NSWMember Posts: 83
    @melclarity your poem bought tears to my eyes too. I lost my mum very suddenly to a massive stroke one week after I finished chemo in 2014.  I had not been able to visit her for a year as I was too unwell, but I did talk to her every day.  Actually, more often than not she would call me two or three times a day  We were going to visit her that week. I’m smiling thinking about her indomitable spirit. She was such an inspiration to me as she had lived with MS for over 30 years. 

    @InkPetal I feel your frustration. I created very little during 2018 and am still struggling  to come up with new design ideas. 

    I love your work so look forward to seeing your 2019 creations!  

    My wonderful partner has suggested we do a collaborative project (she is a silversmith)   We are creating a series of leather satchels and bags titles ‘islands of the Clarence’ for the upcoming Grafton Regional Gallery’s Art in the Paddock event in June.  

  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,421
    edited March 2019
    Hey @jena I'm so glad you liked it and that it resonated for you too with your own loss. That is so so hard about your Mum, I am deeply sorry and in the midst of your challenges. I lost my Mum 10yrs ago just had her anniversary it doesnt get easier, not really, but we certainly get better at rising and moving forward with our new reality without them. Wow 30yrs with MS that's incredible. My younger brother has MS has for about 13yrs diagnosed but we believe he had it for a while before his first episode. It's so hard he is on his own but finally got onto the NDIS which are useless to be honest but he has a carer.

    I've always found peace in my writing and seems to be now unfortunately, that here is the only place you can really post without judgment and allows you to have an opinion or view without ridicule. 

    I agree @InkPetal we are all waiting to see you create some wonderful pieces to share, you bring so much joy!

    Sounds awesome what you and your partner are working on, please share them when they're done!

    xx M

  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,955
    That sounds really interesting @jena. I hope you'll be able to post some pictures here. I'd love to see them. K xox
  • jenajena Ashby NSWMember Posts: 83
    Thank you @melclarity   Its funny how we miss even the little things about our mum.  
    I'm sorry to hear about your brother.  Its no more fun than we have  :/   Mum found swimming really helped her.  She was amazing - nothing held my Mum down.  Right up until the end she was cooking and creating, laughing and enjoying life.

    Thank you @kmakm  I will post pics of the bags as I finish.  
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,955
    Hey @jena, how are the bags going? K xox
  • jenajena Ashby NSWMember Posts: 83
    Hi @kmakm. Sorry for tardy response. I really must log on more often.  

    The art Indulgence Day looks a lot of fun. My sister, who also is a Breast cancer survivor, lives in Melbourne. I’ll tell her about this. She is very social and creative so I’m sure would have a ball

    I’ve made 7 bags - they are awaiting my partners contribution, then I can stitch the front panel on. She is finishing off a commission, so I’ll have to wait a few more days. The first island is looking amazing. Today I’m embossing the 8th bag which will be a tote. I’ll post a few photos of the unfinished bags. 

    I’m thrilled because I’m able to work/play for hours in the workshop   I’m having a ball. 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,955
    Gosh they look lovely @jena!
  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 795
    @melclarity, your poem was lovely.  I have also written poems after my mum's death. I agree it doesn't get easier, we just learn to carry the pain and emptiness with us somehow. 
    Maybe I will share sometime but feel they are silly.
    Keep writing lovely. 
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,421
    @LMK74 thank you! its an incredibly personal thing grief as most people know. We do move forward but with as you say that emptiness. Not sure we truly get used to it, but as time goes on the memories become more important. Big hugs and I'd love you to post some here!!! no such thing as silly EVER!!! Share away...hugs to you..

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,414
    AWESOME bag, @jena - my niece is looking for something just like that ...... PM coming!!

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