BCNA's Helpline refocus - some changes being made to the Helpline



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    Thankyou @arpie.  I am sure I cannot add more than what has been said:
    BCNA - please employ a qualified bc nurse to answer the helpline calls from ladies who pluck up the courage to call BCNA.
    BCNA - please have a qualified mets counsellor as this is a specialised area and needs a special person.
    I was recently speaking to a lady who had bc then that went to her liver and now to her brain. Who can deal with these calls except someone who truly understands and that is not learnt through book learning.
    Thank you @Kirsten_BCNA for listening and actioning our concerns about this new direction of your leadership.  Anne
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    Hi everyone

    Please see the link for the Zoom meeting on Thursday 29 July 6pm-8pm AEST below. There are also dial in numbers if you cannot join directly from Zoom.

    Our Agenda will cover:

    ·       Welcome

    ·       Short presentation addressing many of the
    questions that have been submitted

    ·       Future of the Online Network

    ·       Q&A – open forum 

    We do thank you for
    taking the time to provide feedback, we are determined to continue to work
    closely with our network and members to achieve the best outcome for everyone.

    Stay safe,

    Kirsten Pilatti


    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 893 8857 3256

    Passcode: 626883

    Dial by your location

            +61 8 7150 1149 Australia

            +61 2 8015 6011

            +61 3 7018 2005

            +61 7 3185 3730

            +61 8 6119 3900

            +1 312 626 6799
    US (Chicago)

            +1 346 248 7799
    US (Houston)

            +1 669 900 6833
    US (San Jose)

            +1 929 205 6099
    US (New York)

            +1 253 215 8782
    US (Tacoma)

            +1 301 715 8592
    US (Washington DC)

    If you are unable to attend on Thursday, but would like to
    set up a separate meeting with BCNA, please contact Caroline Fitzgerald – [email protected] to arrange a

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    Thank you for the agenda.  Interesting third item 'future of the on-line network'.  Is the network to be closed ?
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    @BlackWidow there is absolutely no plan for the network to be closed.  I am keen to update you on the support for the Network that we are working on.
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    I will try to zoom into this ....
    I had received the email and thought I was the only one concerned by this ....
    sorry life was in the way applying for jobs etc... 
    I believe we need a forum and cancer nurses online who will help those in distress when they need it. 
    We need to have trust in this organisation to be  run wisely and within its budget. 
    I have only read a few of the 8 pages of this present discussion.  I will read it all before tomorrow's zoom meeting. 
    We the online Forum and members of BCNA are wanting what is best for all those affected by Breast Cancer.
    **For those who think we are old biddies with knitting needles etc...
     I for one wear G-strings to enjoy my sexuality and will continue to advocate for those on this forum and in Australia affected by BC. ;)
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    The "Old biddies with knitting needles" useage was very much tongue in cheek...this "Old Biddy" used to jump out of planes for fun....oh and every 100th jump is a nudie, so I don't see myself as somewhat stodgy. I do, however, sometimes think that I am treated in a somewhat patronising way by some health practitioners, who just see ...oh she's 63, and a housewife...she's probably not that well informed.....
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    Welcome to the ranks of older women who won’t put up with that patronising stuff for a minute. By not accepting fob offs, gender and age bias or being treated as intellectually deficient, we are training medical practitioners in better communication, making life better for women of all ages and combatting general ignorance! 
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    Thanks @Afraser. I once had some wet behind the ears nurse call me "Dearie". I've also been referred to as "Lovie" and frequently get asked if I'd like a nice cup of tea...after the dearie or lovie. So demeaning, patronising and biased, in regards to both gender and age. that tends to rev me up and my sarcasm and hyperbole get given full rein. I'll bet half of them wouldn't know what hyperbole was if it walked in and whacked them over the head.
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    @arpie...I've got 1 637 under my belt, so 16 of my own, plus a co conspirator in may other jumps. The biggest was a forty way, with jumpers from three planes and all in the nuddy (including the pilots, and those days before go pro's, the cameramen).
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    Anyone not familiar with Zoom .... I would suggest you do a 'dry run' today to just make sure you can 'get on'.

    A good idea is to 'log on' at least 15-30 mins BEFORE the 'start time' as sometimes there are hiccups & it can take a while to get logged in.  If people are arriving late, it can be a bit disrupting - and they also miss the important start of the meeting, which is Kirsten addressing the attendees.

    For the dry run - Just click on the Link above - You MAY have to open/download an 'zoom app' or it may open on your computer window

    It should tell you to 'launch the meeting' for the dry run (tho chances are this evening, it will already be 'launched') - click on that & it should ask you to 'join by video' & you will then see yourself sitting in front of your computer!  Make sure your Computer Camera isn't obscured by anything.

    When a bunch of us are signed up this evening, it is good to see the whole group.  Up the top right corner, there should be 3 sets of boxes .... a single square, a double square & a set of 4 squares .... click on the 4 squares to see everybody - otherwise you may just see the speaker.

    If you DON'T want to show your face, you can opt NOT to use the video and I think it just shows an icon.  Kirsten's assistant will be controlling the Mute Button and will explain how to 'get on' to have your say.

    It will probably show your REAL name initially - you should be able to change that to your BCNA name, by clicking on one of the options (either top right or bottom right.) I think this option will only become available when the meeting is active.

    So ... Get your pen & paper with any questions - and if they haven't been addressed by Kirsten in her opening comments ..... see you there tonight!

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    Interesting ... I just tried a dry run on my iPad (as chances are, hubby will be watching the Olympics where my big computer is!) and it will not open on the iPad - saying the address is invalid, for some reason - so all the more reason to do a dry run!

    Just tried it on my Laptop & all is good & will use the laptop this evening.  
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    Assistance with Zoom. 

    Would you like to join via Zoom tonight, but unsure how to? 

    Please have a look at the attached document for instructions. 

    If you are new to Zoom and haven’t used the program before, it is a good idea to click the link before the meeting so you have time to download the program if needed. You will not be able to join before the commencement time, it is just to make sure the Zoom program is ready to go and you will get a notification the meeting hasn’t started.  The instructions are outlined below.

    Please reach out if you have any queries. 

    Assistance with Zoom

    If you would like
    assistance logging into the Zoom meeting tonight, please watch this short video
    from Zoom:

     Or follow these steps:

    You can either click this link to be taken direclty to the
    zoom meeting:

    Join Zoom Meeting


    2.       If the link doesn’t work,
    try opening a web browser and type this URL:

    You can paste the above
    link into the pop up ‘join’ box, or alterrnatively, you can enter the below
    meeting ID & password details:

    Meeting ID: 893 8857 3256

    Passcode: 626883

     Click ‘Open Zoom Meeting’
    if you get a pop up, if not, ‘launch meeting’ button.

      3.       You will have the
    opportunity to enter your name and / or to have your video on or off (you can
    also choose to turn your camera off once you are in the meeting if you would

      4.       We
    will be recording this meeting for those that are unable to attend. You will
    see a pop up stating that it is being recorded. You will need to select ‘Got
    It’ to confirm you acknowledge the recording (if you select leave meeting you
    will not be able to join).

     5.       Select
    ‘Join with Computer Audio’ to allow your computer microphone and speakers to

    Once you have joined the meeting, you can choose
    to stop the video. When the video is off, you can still see and hear everyone
    else, they cannot see you. If you wish to speak you will need to un-mute your
    microphone. You can select the icons at the bottom of your screen.

    If you do not have a computer, you can dial in
    via the phone:

    Dial by your

            +61 8 7150 1149 Australia

            +61 2 8015 6011 Australia

            +61 3 7018 2005 Australia

            +61 7 3185 3730 Australia

            +61 8 6119 3900 Australia

     You will be
    prompted to enter your meeting ID & Password:

    Meeting ID: 893 8857 3256

    Passcode: 626883


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    Many thanks to @Kirsten_BCNA for allowing us the opportunity of chatting with her tonight on the Zoom Session - and many thanks to those who were able to log on & join the conversation - I know that a few had problems!  I had problems!!  My laptop audio wouldn't work so I then had to kick hubby out of the lounge room so I could use the desktop!  Hopefully that bit is deleted from the recording!!  

    We covered a fair few topics and Kirsten will jump on tomorrow & run thru the Meeting with you and you should then be able to watch it as well, afterwards.

    take care everyone xx

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    Sorry Life events meant I couldn't make it onto Zoom last night.