BCNA's Helpline refocus - some changes being made to the Helpline



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    Is there a summary of the session ? 
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    Update from Online Network Q&A.

    Thank you to our members who attended the Online Network
    Q&A with our CEO Kirsten Pilatti last week. We appreciate the group taking
    the time to catch up, provide feedback and put some faces to names!

    We had a good discussion with some positive outcomes and
    actions which included arranging quarterly catch ups to ensure our online
    network continues to provide a platform where those affected by breast cancer
    can connect in a safe, helpful and supportive environment with their peers.

    For those unable to attend, we have uploaded the information
    slides here (attached), which include the agreed
    outcomes on the last slide.

    Due to the large file size and for privacy of our members,
    the Zoom audio recording will only be available on request. Please contact @Kate_BCNA  for the audio file.

    New team member – Welcome Maryann

    After Giovanna made the decision to leave BCNA to pursue a
    new chapter in her life, BCNA is pleased to announce that Maryann will be
    starting as part of the Member Support team/helpline on August 11. 

    Part of Maryann’s duties will be to oversee the online
    community.  Maryann has studied psychology, is very experienced supporting
    people with medical conditions and is a lovely and compassionate person.

    Please join me in welcoming her on Wednesday 11

    Thanks again and once Maryann settles in, we will be sure to
    communicate next steps, including scheduling the next catch up.

    In the meantime, please direct any questions or concerns to
    me or @Kate_BCNA.

    Thanks Kirsten and Kate

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    Sounds like some good outcomes. Love the idea of a quarterly catch up. Great way to touch base with members. 
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    I forgot to mention that we now know that the Mets Counselling Service was going to end ANYWAY due to the funding  ‘running out’!  It was an Off Site Referral System (It was not a part of BCNA) and every caller had access to 2 Counselling sessions for free, calling an 1800 number ... Only 74 members had actually used the Mets Counselling service over the 3.5 years that it ran.

    The announcement of it finishing just happened to coincide with Giovanna’s leaving, so it appeared to be a double whammy.  But the Mets Counselling Service HAD actually finished up in about April last year when Covid restrictions started.  Back then, the Mods were manning the help line EVERY DAY (not just Mon-Fri), as they were so concerned for members’  mental health in the Lockdown.  

    The Mets Counselling Service was mainly advertised in the Beacon and the Network News, and as I was not signed up for them, I missed it, as would many others too, I reckon, specially those with Mets.

     @Kirsten_BCNA   @Kate_BCNA - Any advertising of members’ services really needs to be on the FORUM - and stickied at the top for the duration of the service, so that newbies to the forum see it as well, otherwise the post just disappears 

    take Care xx
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    I agree @Cath62 and @arpie 👌🏻👌🏻
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    Thankyou @Kirsten_BCNA and @Kate_BCNA.
     How big is the audio file and how is it actioned (I am not too computer-literate)
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    Many Thanks @Julez1958 and you've made some great points there (and all the best for your surgery & recovery today xx) 

    There's been a bit of a glitch with the audio file .... the mods are working on it - so please be patient. 

    If you've got any queries, still whack them up here & those who did attend will attempt to answer them 
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    I can be patient just so long as it is coming. Thank you
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    Update from BCNA

    We hope that many of the questions have been answered in regards
    to the Helpline changes. We again appreciate the feedback and passion that many
    members have expressed in ensuring we are providing support to not only our
    online network members, but all our members.  We look forward to many more
    open conversations and discussions in the future!

    Any last requests for information from our Online Network Q&A
    session can be sent to @Kate_BCNA. (please
    note we have decided that due to file size and therefore privacy on external
    filesharing platforms, the audio file cannot be sent. Please contact us to
    discuss some options if required).

    A reminder that once our new team member, Maryann settles into her
    role, we will ensure there are some dates locked away to give people enough
    notice to attend any future catch up.  

    Please also remember that our CEO, Kirsten is happy to answer any
    questions @Kirsten_BCNA  and our
    helpline is open Mon to Fri: 9am – 5pm – 1800 500 258 or email:

    Stay safe.


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    I've already posed questions, prior to this zoom thing. Firstly on 22 July (page 5), and again on 26 July (page 7), neither of which garnered a response...???
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    Those who requested copies of the Audio have now been sent it - if you WANT a copy - contact @Kate_BCNA

    If you asked for it & haven't received it - check your Junk Mail.

    A transcript of the zoom session will also be available soon - if you'd prefer that, ask for that.

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    Thanks @arpie mine was in Junk    oh well 
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    Thanks for sharing the update Arpie