New Group Proposal - No Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Surgery



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    Hi @Joanne66 thank you and to everyone for your input into creating this group. @Mez_BCNA is back later this week and will provide an update then  :)
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    See above pics. Here are my new,cheap from Millers,’doctored’swimmers. I have to raise the neckline with a fake cami made from stretchy lycra (because of my crater)Then I put some stuffing in the cups and hand sewed a backing on.This is good for flatties who want a little contour and not the worry of prosthetics floating off.I just squeeze the cups when no one is looking but really,not much water is retained.These swimmers were only $25.
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    Great job @TonyaM.  This is a good example of the helpful hints which will help many members when the new group begins ....
    I can just picture that little squeeze .... 🤣🤣
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    Flat. Fabulously Flat.Dr Wendy Sage.Flatish Company.  Pancakes.Living Flat. ( There is a lady with a blog called Boob In a Box- i always thought that name is clever and catchy. There is also pages under names of - Uniboober,UnBreasted,Flat Friends,Uniboob,Not putting on a shirt, FLAtworks,FlatClosure,The Flat advocate,Flat Closure NOW,International Flat Day,Uniboobers )  Happily Half Flat 16 years myself.   I think not being private makes it more open and inviting and removes a barrier to women who may be shy to join a private group.Anything shared in either group type is still basically public, so no one should ever share anything online they are not comfortable to tell a stranger.

    No Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Surgery- is also a fitting page title

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    Christabel03 etc - If you aren't able to invest in masectomy pocketed swimwear, i know they are rather expensive ,you can modify and add a pocket yourself if its the right shape and style of swimwear.Many swimwear has build in bras now a days and styles that have higher chest  coverage is best and you can get a pocket design on Cancer council website.  You can also wear foam forms in the water, just squeze them out with your arm when you get out to slow the drip. You can wear your good silicone in water , but make sure you wash and rinse it well , you can also wrap it in glad wrap  for extra protection. But they are not designed for regular swimming and it will make them deteriorate faster, so better to use an old one or a foam  or if swim regularly invest in a water option. They do also make a 'swim form' that has a more relaxed breast shape.There are also microbeaded breast forms that can go in the water.The light weight ones are more prone to wander up and around compared to one with more natural weighted ones  and silicone that moulds to your body.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have really enjoyed the good conversation that has been created out of this discussion and looking forward to creating the new group. It appears the majority would like the group to be private, therefore it will be private.

    I have collated some of the group name suggestions and I can see so far that ‘Flat Chat’ appears to be the front runner so I have popped it at the top. However, I am presenting all the ideas below if you can simply reply in the comments with the name you like. 

    Flat Chat

    Flat Out

    Flat n Fab

    Going Flat

    Fabulously Flat

    Living Flat

    Choosing to stay Flat

    Not Under Reconstruction

    No Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Surgery


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    Thanks @Mez_BCNA. Flat Chat.
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    Not Under Reconstruction is the best as it captures all outcomes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Surgery as we are not all flat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not all use a boob from a box either.
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    A boob from a box?? Well, well. That’s one way of putting it, I suppose. 
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    Do you think if a woman in all sorts of different situations saw the heading FLAT CHAT they would grasp it covered all types of flat. Maybe ALL SORTS OF FLAT CHAT

    i think the most common term a woman would search for would be flat. Whether they are pre surgery and considering options or post surgery  of any kind.If they were considering explant, or  half flat ,between surgeries ,full flat.. so many options and situation it think FLAT CHAT would cover that. Short simple. Whatever you think best ms moderator.

    ( All the ones i listed  in a previous comment that i put in brackets,you didn't need to add them as options , they were just for peoples amusement or if they wanted to look them up for themselves .because they were names of blogs and pages already online so it wouldn't be appropriate to use their names. Even as a sub group title of a network which probably  doesn't show up in search engines,just respectful .  The lady who made up Boob In  A Box page title is  funny and  for me is  true, i do keep a  boob in a box when i am not wearing it.Because the silicone ones  should be stored in their special boxes/cradles. Of course i wouldn't suggest it , not only becuase it is someone elses creation, but it also doesn't display consideration for  thoses who choose to not wear external prosthesis)  -  -  ,0 -,0 o.    :)

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    Thanks for the clarification @Kristen, I can remove those ones you put in brackets. Apologies for the misinterpretation. 
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    I like “Flat Chat” but don’t really mind as long as people looking for information on this option can find the group, I typed in Choosing Flat a couple of weeks ago just to try to find discussions on this topic. Thanks for pursuing this new Group Option Mez. I will be flat by 11am tomorrow 🙏🏻
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    @Christabel03 I have a foam cozzie prozzie. It floats. Which is great if you want to back float. Not so good otherwise. Also, if you get a foam one, make sure your cozzies have been washed at least three times or your prozzie will become a different colour.
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    @Blossom1961 @Kristen thank you both for your responses. I hadn't heard of foam forms at all.  I have a pair of Speedos with a pocket zip up front etc and also a pair of Funkita with the same which I may say are nice and firm. It was the Speedos that must have a bigger pocket than my prosthesis causing it to move while exercising... I'm guessing! 

    @Mez_BCNA this is so fabulous to see all things unfolding thank you so much for the work you are doing to make this group happen. What about a double barrel to capture everything we are trying to capture. Not Under Reconstruction - All Things Flat or too wordy?

    I'm so looking forward to chatting in the new group, my surgery has now been booked for a couple of weeks time and I will finally be flat flat. Nervous and excited but feel I have a lot to learn from others in navigating not just having one breast.