New Group Proposal - No Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Surgery

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We have had some great conversations and feedback recently in relation to
starting a new group for people who have not had breast reconstruction
following breast cancer surgery.

I would love feedback in relation to the following questions:

* Name of the group

* Should the group be private or public

When thinking of the name of the group we must ensure it captures people who
for a variety of reasons and/or circumstances have not had breast
reconstruction. Some of these reasons may be: they might decide they don’t
want to have any more surgery than they need to treat the cancer; they want to
be able to get back to their normal activities as soon as possible; they are
just more comfortable with how they look and feel after the surgery; financial
barriers prevent them from have breast reconstruction; breast reconstruction
might be difficult, or even not possible, because of other health issues they
have; breast reconstruction has been delayed.

agree that there are different challenges and questions faced by people who are
either considering wearing a breast form or prosthesis (inside the bra or
attached to the body to wear under their clothes) or going flat (not wearing a
breast form).

forward to your valuable input.

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  • TonyaM
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    Hi Mez,
    Thanks for your follow up. I feel the new group should be predominantly for those who have gone flat or are contemplating it. And therefore the group name  should reflect this with ‘flat’ in it. I’m a bit unsure about the term ‘no reconstruction’ as this could mean anyone really.Certainly women with one breast would be welcomed. I was in that situation for 12yrs and I joined the reconstruction group until I decided recently to go flat. I wish there had been such a group beforehand. It is an entirely new ball game this’flat’ business! And although I don’t plan on having recon, I’m open to the idea of some lipo to fill in the crater. This is another reason why I’m not so sure about ‘no recon’ in the title. There are many flat/mastectomy procedures now and I wish I’d known abit more.This info would be helpful as well as “what to wear”,how to alter clothes/swimsuits, what croptops/bras to buy etc etc.I am fast becoming an expert but still have a lot to learn.I don’t always go flat but often wear a slightly padded crop top.It’s good to have a choice and be comfortable.
     Some group name ideas- Flat Out, Flat chat,
    Going Flat, Flat n Fab
    Regards, Tonya
  • AllyJay
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    I think that perhaps the group might be best being private. I've posted a photo of my chest after a bilateral mastectomy, and have no problems if the general public can see it on the open group discussions, but I'd imagine there might be those who would not like that. Due to other medical issues, antiphospholipid antigen syndrome (a blood clotting disorder), extra surgery was not a good idea for me as I need to come off my blood thinners, which in turn, puts me at risk of yet another pulmonary embolism. I also have systemic scleroderma, which would probably result in poor healing as well as skin tightness over the chest. I seldom wear my two prosthetics as they both spend most of their time sitting smugly on my collar bones anyway. Because there is not another 'original issue' breast to anchor the bra and anything prosthetic in it, when I lift my arms, the whole shebang, bra, boobs and all go north. I'm then forever fossicking under my top, trying to pull it all down again so now I just go 'as is'.
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Thanks @TonyaM @Allyjay, loving the suggestions and feedback already. 'Private' group sounds like the feasible option as majority of groups are private and as you mentioned, some may want to share their pictures privately. Look forward to gathering a variety of group name ideas as the comments roll in.
  • TonyaM
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    I think @AllyJay has a good point about sharing photos only in a private group.
  • Julez1958
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    Hi I definately think it should be a closed group so people can post photos.
    I think a title with “flat “ in it would be good
    “Choosing to Stay Flat” is not that catchy or clever but captures the issue, and is similar to “Choosing Breast Reconstruction”
     Perhaps  the two could sit above and below one another in the index of private groups .
  • Afraser
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    Priority is for those seeking information to
    inform their choices and happy for it to be a private group. 

  • Fufan
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    I love “Flat Chat”.  Not only is it catchy, but it does imply conversation, so should include both those who are flat, and those contemplating it.  (Edit: And I also the “half flat”, like me.)
  • June1952
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    Definitely a private group, please, to give some privacy to those posting photos.
    'Flat' can be in the title but also something to recognize those who are only half flat
    'Choosing to stay flat' etc does not capture those whose surgeons would only chop one boob.
  • Blossom1961
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    I am mono boobed and understand flat still applies to me. I think private is important. Thank you Mez.
  • Joanne66
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    Hello Mez as some one who is going Flat is a week I have trawled the discussion site with the key word of Flat or Going Flat and have found about 8 discussions which have been helpful although some are pretty old. A private Group for people choosing this or having no choice whether SMX  or DMX or even just considering it would be very helpful. I think Flat Chat is a great title 💕
  • Locksley
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    Hi Mez, I think a private group would be good.   I am half flat and I would like tips for adjusting swimwear etc.     It would be great if I could then go to dressmaker with some instructions.   The knitted knocker I have flies out when I have done a aqua aerobics class.  So I havent gone back.  I really need to get back into the pool as walking has been painful and the kilos are creeping on. 
  • Christabel03
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    Hi Mez, wow I had no idea this would turn out this way off the back of a question but I am so happy it did :) and I thank you so much for the consideration of a group.

    I think a private group would be good. I agree with previous comments also that we need the space to be recognisable for half flat as well as completely flat or no reconstruction perhaps.   
  • Christabel03
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    @Locksley oh my goodness you have just completely explained up there what happened to me last week and part of why I asked about a flat group. 

    Brand new bathers and expensive aquatic prosthesis and half way through aqua aerobics I thought "why do things feel weird down there" looked down while jumping up and down and my fakey was up near my throat in the centre!!! I had to squat down and undo the zip on my rash vest, then the zip on my bathers and then try and turn the flippin thing around and push it back into its spot!!! Had to laugh or I would have cried!! 

    Would be fabulous to have a place to talk about all the things that come with being half flat or flat :)
  • Blossom1961
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    So funny. My one prosthetic decided it wanted to float whilst it was still on me. My bathers pulled out on that side
  • Joanne66
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    Hello Mez, any update on if you are still considering a group for those of us going flat, half flat or weighing up the pros and cons? Thanks for the work you do here x