When is your birthday?



  • janeys25
    janeys25 Member Posts: 10
    August 25
  • Teigra
    Teigra Member Posts: 21
    26 October
  • Jenny K
    Jenny K Member Posts: 21
    65 on the 21/06/1955. Sounds like a wonderful idea can't wait for my turn.  Cheers Jenny K
  • FYONA1
    FYONA1 Member Posts: 137
    6 February 
  • FayeLW
    FayeLW Member Posts: 1
    March 11th, 1970 ... yikes!!!!!
  • Tinks
    Tinks Member Posts: 234
    February February 20
  • YellowRobin
    YellowRobin Member Posts: 49
    March 5th, 1963
  • NewBoobsPLS
    NewBoobsPLS Member Posts: 87
    Hi all, great initiative. My birthday is 5th November and i was born in 1983.
    Happy birthday to all of the Aquarius and Pisces this month.
  • Samaus
    Samaus Member Posts: 10

    Hello everyone,

    Following on from the amazing birthday list that was started by @socoda, thank you very much! 
    Im calling out to all our members to let us know your birthday.  We love an online celebration and on the day you will receive a virtual birthday cake that we can all share!  No need to include the year you were born unless you want to.  We have quite a few birthdays coming up this month and the moderation team look forward to celebrating your special day with you!

  • Samaus
    Samaus Member Posts: 10
    My Birthday 16th May  :)
  • eightdays
    eightdays Member Posts: 27
    Hi, lovely idea.
    April 14
  • Alcaye
    Alcaye Member Posts: 8
    edited March 2020
    My Birthday is the 26th of November. 
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 624
    March 30. 
    Coming round Too quick hope I’m not working. 
  • kiwikris72
    kiwikris72 Member Posts: 14
    My birthday is 18 October 1972
  • ddon
    ddon Member Posts: 349
    Mine is 8th December.  I started chemo on the 19th -was so glad I got to enjoy my birthday first 😊