When is your birthday?



  • Angiebloom
    Angiebloom Member Posts: 3
    1st July 🤗 
  • Georgie17
    Georgie17 Perth Member Posts: 7
    17 June
  • HDel
    HDel Member Posts: 1
    My Birthday is July 20. Next year is special because I was born in '60 and I will be 60.
  • Bron33
    Bron33 Brisbane Member Posts: 10
    23 May 86 
  • coxie
    coxie Member Posts: 3
    My birthday is 11/12 . 
  • Elvenwishes
    Elvenwishes Safety Bay, Western AustraliaMember Posts: 9
    Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrated their birthdays. I am a newbie. My birthday was 2nd November. 
  • TracyB65
    TracyB65 Samford Valley QLDMember Posts: 5
    Hi I’m new to this my BDay 15th March, started treatment 1 Nov so this is my first post 
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,248
    Welcome to the forum.  If you start a new discussion introducing yourself others will say Hello.

    Thank you for your date I will add you to the calendar.

    Take care
  • mauzy
    mauzy Member Posts: 1
    June 20th
  • MeganM
    MeganM Member Posts: 60
    Ha ha only another year to wait but I’ll enjoy every day
    my birthday is
    19 December 
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,248
    Well it is a long wait till your birthday so in the meantime Happy Belated Birthday wishes!
    Take care 
  • Miss_K
    Miss_K Member Posts: 5
    8th August :)
  • odyssey
    odyssey Member Posts: 2
    3 September
  • Katy_Sodapop
    Katy_Sodapop Member Posts: 50
    July 22nd 1979
  • gumnut
    gumnut far north coast NSWMember Posts: 874
    Hello, I'm a new member and my birthday is 9 January :o