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    May be an image of text that says IfI waited until I had all my ducks in a row Id never get across the street Sometimes you just have to gather up what you got and make a run for it Judge Lynn Toler Lessonsleg na dinlifecom
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    May be an image of text that says When you are feeling broken remember that a kaleidoscope is made of broken pieces When we look into it we see something beautiful
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    Have you started your "Xmas Shopping'' yet??   If you haven't - Read this first ..... it makes a lot of sense!

    Any of my buddies wanting to buy a new uke, I suggest they ask their kids/husband to give them $$ towards it (be it Xmas, Birthday, Anniversary) so they KNOW the recipient is getting something they actually WANT!

    May be an image of text
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    Love it 😍 
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    Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd just jump in the thread as I know some of you have posted images or screenshots before that don't appear to work (example of error message below):

    The technical team gave me really good insight as to why it happens and how you can avoid the issue (refer below):

    In terms of that missing image, I couldn't say for sure, but it looks like  it could be a private image from Facebook. Since it's private, and we don't have the necessary permissions, we're unable to see it. It's also possible the image was subsequently taken down or deleted, but based on the "URL signature expired" message at the above URL I suspect it's a permission thing.
    Whenever you're using a third-party to host an image, such as in this case, you're entirely reliant on that third-party in order for that image to remain visible. If they delete it, or restrict access, there's no way for Vanilla to recover it since the image is not technically hosted on our servers (even though you're trying to view it from within a Vanilla discussion).
    Generally speaking, the best practice whenever sharing images is to download them to your computer then drag & drop them into the body of your post. This will upload them directly to Vanilla's servers and avoid these sorts of issues. This is the best approach, especially to ensure that the image remains available in the long-term.