2 year all-clear, 2 year all-fear.



  • SoldierCrab
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     here is a hug for all you non huggers  ;)

    I truly believe only those who have been through BC roller coaster get it.... 

  • Marianne_BCNA
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    Hi @SoldierCrab
    As Riki said above, we are very happy to create a new category for life after treatment. We think it's a great idea. We are just wanting to hear from the group about a suitable name. 

    Everyone, let us know your thoughts re the following options or any others you can think of
    - Life after treatment/Life after active treatment (although a lot of you are still on some form of treatment after completing hospital treatment)
    - So now what
    - Life after...

    Once we've decided on a name we can create the category immediately and you can get posting :smile:
  • iserbrown
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    So now what

    seems so apt!

  • kezmusc
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    Hey @InkPetal,

    Lovely to see you back.  Of course everyone looks at their scans.  Not that we know what we are looking at but whatever.
    Hugs xoxoxo

    I like So Now What.... for the title of the thread also.
  • pammiesyd
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    I am so lucky that both the radiology practices I have used tell me the ultrasound results when they have finished (all good so far).

    As for life after treatment, it really does suck with the constant insomnia and tiredness. I could even go back to bed before 10am, having got up at 7.30 am. But then I would lose the rest of the day and toss and turn all night again. 

    I am am happy with any of the suggested names.
  • Kiwi Angel
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    @InkPetal I read my scan report the other day while I was waiting at the dentist. I had had them done 2 weeks before so liked to think of there was anything worrying someone would of called me!  
  • Patti J
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    What does life AFTER treatment mean????
  • SoldierCrab
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    @Patti J
    for those like yourself who are lifers with treatment so to speak it sucks also.... 

    There are some of us who at the present time are LIFE after treatment .... 

    There are categories and  groups for Mets ladies etc 

    What this would mean is that those of us who are presently finished active treatments (chemo & Rads).
    We could have a category where we can vent and support each other without feeling like we are frightening the newbies..... It is hard enough when we are all first diagnosed to cope, without realising that we could/might have life long side effects from our treatments be it AI treatments  or residual effects from RADS or Chemo.... 

    BC is Shite and we all know it .... because the survival rate has gone up we now see more long term side effects in the survivors .... Are we happy to be alive and still with our families etc Hell Yes but it can be a real struggle for many. 

    I have a motto that "survivorship is hard a battle won every day..... "


    I like "Life after treatment  - So Now What !!!"

    But happy if it lets people understand in a heading what it is about. 

  • Patti J
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    @SoldierCrab. When I phoned the Encore program manager because I felt that this program wasn't suitable for me, she told me that some managers don't like people with mets joining in because we scare the newbies.
  • SoldierCrab
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    @Patti J
     Well that is a narrow view of what you could possibly offer in support to newbies .... 
    Life is about taking the good the bad and the Sh*te and working it into a beautiful tapestry .... by being kind and sharing and having empathy for others not everyone gets that unfortunately.... 

  • Sister
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    So now what? Sounds good.
  • Zoffiel
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    Now what? suits me. There are so many ways to interpret that, depending on the delvery and where you put the emphasis. 
  • Afraser
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    @Patti J, that's both discriminatory and stupid. The discrimination is pretty obvious, the stupidity is not recognising that models of how to take affirmative action in your life are important to everyone at every stage. I hope you have the energy to challenge that position. Best wishes.