2 year all-clear, 2 year all-fear.



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    @InkPetal I totally understand what you said and I actually dont blame you...I think for me after 8 yrs and 2 diagnosis and 3yrs post chemo...I too am a little cynical about my treatment. They are not forthcoming about the effects at all from treatment or the AI. Everyone at work sees me and thinks I am 'normal' as physical able as they are. A new male ES was brought into my Foundation team, lasted 3 days!!! he had similar experience and skills as myself coming from Special Ed. He decided he didnt want to be in there...my upset it...NOBODY has a clue what I go through physically to get up each day, get ready and go to work to deal with challenging behaviours in children. I come home and have to lay down for 30mins to rest my body. When you slightly mention to the Oncologist any of it you are ignored and worst still anyone else doesnt get it either, because you should be over it!!! I will do my next 2 years seeing my Onc only due to recurrence but then think I'll give it all the flick. I live on panadol osteo to get through a day...and like you...am sick of just trying to get through a day let alone a year of full time work. People can fluff around the positivity all they like...Im a POSITIVE person...but really?? they have a long way to go.

    Take care of you sweet, you got this and a long life to live! Do what you feel you need to but just live a beautiful life! I had a break from the Forum after my Dad and sole surviving parent passed away, after being back a little while I've decided to leave for a few reasons.

    Be kind to you and here's to the Specialists getting real and honest with people. Hugs M x
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    I think the next time I see my onc I'll ask her if there is discussion around telling patients about long term side effects of treatment & hormone therapy. Has it been studied? Would being told about the possibility of living with permanent pain/exhaustion when you're prescribed chemo/hormone therapy for 10 years actually change anyone's mind before they do chemo or take the pills? I'd say a small number, but the overwhelming majority would take the doctor's advice and go ahead with treatment.

    I remember my first onc casually referring to "the bone pain" I'd be having when we talking about something else. I was startled and queried it. Now I wonder if it wasn't deliberate, that she was introducing it early to prepare me. Hmmm...
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    @inkpetal what a wonderful heartfelt response!  Hey won't be long and that mojo will be back for your studies et cetera You've come a long way!
    Take care
    Hugs xx
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    Take care of you 
    Hugs x
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    @InkPetal congratulations on you 2 year clear status ! May they always be clear . The struggle is real even if we look "normal" to me it's an intangible thing , I burst into tears at the drop of a hat . I'm not going back to my job as its too stressful & no opportunity to have a break during the day if i'm weary (all the time ) .
    F**k cancer !!!!
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    @melclarity You're leaving us? I know your honesty and research insights will be sorely missed. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here and I hope your future is bright and beautiful. :heart:
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    @InkPetal I did take leave for awhile too with my Dad passing away, but I came back recently. All Ive ever wanted is to help others coming through because I never had the support through 2 diagnosis. 

    Im so proud and happy for you, such wonderful news, now you get back in there and do some wonderful things with this beautiful life you have. Get creative again ;) xxx