Far out this brings it all back



  • mumflo
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    Unreal, they made a mistake and I shouldn't have been called in. Results were about as normal as could be for me. Long standing seroma, no new lumps or bumps. I've run the gamut of emotions, from stressed, angry and now just relieved. Have decided to find a new GP I don't think the GP I'm seeing is doing his job as well as he could. Still need to see the breast surgeon for final okay but have compared all the reports and I think I'll be heading back to breastscreen.
    And that rounds out a pretty cruddy week for me. 
    Thank you for the shoulders to cry on. 
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @mumflo
    What a huge relief, such great news for you!
  • iserbrown
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    Well isn't that just the best news!  Phew what a relief!!!
  • kmakm
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    Yep I'd be changing GPs too...
  • Sister
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    What an unnecessary worry but good news in the end.
  • SoldierCrab
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    oh what a lot of angst and no need for it..... Sack that GP for putting you through that stress.... 
  • arpie
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    WOO-BLOODY-HOOOO!   Awesome news!  Go & get your new GP & then go out & celebrate the new results, as well! :) 
  • jennyss
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    Dear @mumflo, bugger poo. Here's hoping your night goes quickly, and you have a good consultation tomorrow, and that it does turn into a
  • jennyss
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    Dear @mumflo , whoops I didn't read the wonderful up to date post that you are all good. Google ' storm in  a teacup ' images - there are some amazing pictures there. Best wishes from jennyss
  • Afraser
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    I had an operation go a bit wrong recently (right eye suddenly sightless). All fixed and fine but I felt really angry about it for a few days. Then I just stopped being angry - in even the best ordered world, accidents happen, nobody deliberately tried to harm me, and I was perfectly alright quite soon. Felt much better when I got that that stage. Won't be using that anaesthetist again though
  • Zoffiel
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    Good news, Flo. Have wine. Or what ever else floats your boat. Mxx
  • MoiraC
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    @mumflo- great all is good but what unnecessary strain on you. Surely that could have been discussed by phone! I agree a new GP might be in order -best wishes
  • lrb_03
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    Good news, but I can understand you running through the full gamut of emotions.
    Take care
  • primek
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    Oh my...what a horrid 24 hours you've had. So pleased on a positive outcome. X
  • Finch
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    Great to hear all ok . I imagine the adrenaline is still in your system and you're all emotional. Stupid GP! Xxxxxxxx