Far out this brings it all back

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Didn't know where to go have not been active here for awhile but need a shoulder to cry on. Had my 5 year mammogram was supposed to be the one to send me back to breast screen. All excited I thought that would be it but my GP just called need to discuss my results. I can't do all this again. I'm still recovering from the first go around,. Appoint 8 o'clock tomorrow going to be a long night. Guess I'm up for a biopsy will take it one step at a time.  And will worry about it later.


  • iserbrown
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    Goodness I wish they would just ring and say can you come in to see me now rather than having to hang and wonder. Here's hoping it's a cyst only.
    Take care
  • Finch
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    @mumflo sending you big  hugs, pour yourself a big glass of wine and watch some trash on telly is my advice  . There's quite a few ladies on here who are up and around during the night if you need a chat. Xxxxxx
  • MoiraC
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    @mumflo -so sorry you are going through this. Hope all goes ok for you and they are just being diligent.
  • Kiwi Angel
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    @mumflo. Sending big hugs - so stressful - don’t know why they do that to u - call u when u can come in straight away - they have to realise the stress it causes for people. Thinking of u. Xoxoxo
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    Shit bags. That sucks. Ive been there, you just have to ride it out. No matter what happens, you have experience under your belt now and know how the system works. Small comfort, but I've got my fingers crossed for you. Mxx
  • smokie08
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    @mumflo big hugs i am waiting for my results see gp tomorrow so hope he can tell me something.
    Thinking of you take care
  • kmakm
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    What an absolute bugger. I sincerely hope it's nothing dramatic to worry about. Hang in there. K xox
  • mumflo
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    Thank you. I've been playing Mario Kart with my son and am now watching Versailles. 
    Waiting for results is hard smokie08 I wish you all the best. Seems to me that we do a lot of waiting.
    I'm hoping for a cyst and that it will all be a storm in a teacup. 
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    Fingers crossed for you, @mumflo
  • lrb_03
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    Everything is crossed for you @mumflo. Thinking of you
  • arpie
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    BUGGER  BUGGER  BUGGER!!   Fingers & toes crossed for you, @mumflo  .....  hoping for the best results xxx

  • SoldierCrab
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    oh @mumflo
    just read this you will be at the doctors now .... Please let us know what your results were.... 

  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @mumflo
    Sorry to hear that, dont hesitate to call our helpline if you need to speak with a nurse and all the best for your appointment today.  Please keep us posted, fingers crossed!
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    Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best
  • Brenda5
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    Hopefully they are just being extra careful before you are cast out in to the world as fully survived.