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    No, not a big hugger but I miss giving my daughter a hug, and my grandchildren miss giving me one! Roll on the day when we can sit with a friend over a coffee, in a cafe, full of other people. 
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    I'm a hugger and not just of trees! The more special the "hugees" are to me = the more special the hugs feel. I feel like an awkward school girl when greeting people now as I can't quite decide how to do it with no physical contact. @Afraser I can't wait for that either. 
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    That's a beauty, @June1952 !
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    Yes, @arpie, it sort of made me think a bit about issues in life.  I have read a few which resonate with me so maybe I will add some ore over time,  This was my first effort.  Hope you are both doing well.   <3
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    @iserbrown thanks for revisiting this thread. There a moments in time that just reading some of the older posts can resonate today I had been trying to find it but for the life of me couldn’t remember what it was called
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    It is lovely the thread that @Tracey_B started is still going.  Such a beautiful soul and I think of her often. Xx