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Friday update 24 September 2021

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Friday update 24 September 2021

Hello members,

we have had an interesting week here in Victoria with an earthquake that was
felt across the State and by some of our neighbours in New South
Wales, Canberra, Adelaide and Launceston – Did you feel it? 

is also a public holiday here today in Victoria therefore the BCNA office is closed, however there is still time
for a Friday update. For those of you who follow the AFL and/or one of the
grand final teams, I hope you enjoy the game on the weekend.

Community highlights


PALB2 gene support
This is a private group for individuals and family
members affected by the PALB2 gene to come together for support and help spread
the word about this gene mutation. The very brave Kerr Family spoke up about
this largely unknown gene that has greatly affected their family and the main
reason behind the Online Network's new PALB2 group.  CLICK HERE to access the article.

Popular forum discussions

Members new and old may have missed some of the forum discussions that
have received the most comments:

1. More cancer

2. New fees for radiation therapy as of

3. How did you find out about BCNA

4. Friday Funnies These funny posts are welcome any day really – bringing something light hearted to the forum

credit @arpie

Community News

BCNA NEWS 16 Sept 2021 - Removal of Herceptin
from PBS

From October 2021, there will be some
changes to Herceptin, one of the drug therapies that is available for people
with HER-2 positive breast cancer – Access the full article via link below:


BCNA NEWS 23 Sept 2021 – Breast Reconstruction

The Breast Reconstruction in Australia 2021 report
details the findings from BCNA’s survey, which received 3,350 responses from
women across every state and territory, from metropolitan, regional and rural
areas, and from ages 18 to over 80 - Access the full report via link below:

Breast Reconstruction in Australia 2021
report | Breast Cancer Network Australia (


The Pink Bra Project (Launching 26th

The Pink Bra Project is an initiative created by Berlei and
Breast Cancer Network Australia to support those close to our heart who have
been affected by breast cancer. Berlei have created a special pink bra
collection where $10 from the sale of each bra will be donated to BCNA in
support of those affected by breast cancer. The collection includes a
post-surgery bra, two t-shirt bras and a wirefree bra, and will be available to
purchase online and instore from 26th September – Check full details of
project via below link


Webcasts and conferences you have have missed

the cost of beast cancer: tips and resources

There were
1,157 registrations and it was very interactive and informative one hour session. A few
frequently asked/mentioned topics from the night were:

Access to long service, annual and
sick leave

Out of pocket costs

Accessing death insurance before you

TPD insurance

Help available for
self-employed/small business owners

Accessing superannuation early

Added costs for rural and regional
members to access metro health care systems

Employment issues

If you missed the webcast, you can still register via the
link above and watch on demand.


Upfront About Breast Cancer Podcast

If you haven’t
already, subscribe to BCNA's Fortnightly Podcasts . Podcast 35 coming up in the last week of
September will be in relation to ‘Young Women & Sexuality’. We will also
provide details very soon of an upcoming mini-series with clinical psychologist
Dr. Charlotte Tottman.

Books / Movies/ TV Series/ Documentaries

Recently I re-watched Netflix
documentary ‘Minimalism: a documentary about the important things’. You
may have also heard of the producer’s podcast ‘The Minimalists’.  Good reminder that we don’t have to
accumulate ‘things’ for fulfilment.  What have you read or watched lately?


That’s it from
me for another Friday update and I hope you enjoy the read as you head into the
weekend.  In the meantime, if you have
any concerns while online, please contact one of the moderators -

@Jenny_BCNA @Carissa_BCNA @Anna_BCNA
@Pat_BCNA @MichelleP_BCNA @Mez_BCNA

If you need to
speak with someone regarding your concern, please call 1800 500 258
alternatively, you can email [email protected] (We will be back on deck Monday).

Take care,

The mod team – Mez, Carissa,
Jenny, Anna, Pat & Michelle

‘I can be
changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.’ – Maya


  • arpie
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    Great info there, @Mez_BCNA - I'll see if I can check out the Minimalism show!

    Good reminder that we don’t have to accumulate ‘things’ for fulfilment.  ....  oooops ..... too late. :( 
  • Cath62
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    Thanks for the update. Minimalist yes love it, about time I did a declarer again.