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PALB2 gene support

This is a private group for individuals and family members affected by the PALB2 gene to come together for support and help spread the word about this gene.

You may have arrived here as you and/or your family members have been affected by the PALB2 gene mutation and you want to seek peer to peer support from other people also navigating this diagnosis.

What is PALB2 gene?

PALB2 is a ‘cancer protection’ gene that helps to protect against breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Everyone has two PALB2 genes (one from their mother, and one from their father). If one of the genes is not working, this is known as having a faulty PALB2 gene, or having a PALB2 mutation. Men and women can be referred to a genetic service where experts can provide information, advice and support about their chance of developing cancer and the option of genetic testing (eviQ, 2020).

We encourage you to join the group as BCNA expect there to be media surrounding the PALB2 gene to promote support and awareness.

You can find more important information regarding the PALB2 Gene here:

3428-Facts for people and families with a faulty PALB2 gene | eviQ

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