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Hi Daina,

I am so pleased that I was approached to join such a wonderful group.  My journey like a lot of others has been 12mths in duration.

I was diagnosed last March, had a lumpectomy in April followed by Chemo & Radiation therapy which ended 28 November.

Unfortunately my treatment did not go smoothly after having a reaction to the Chemo I developed 'Sweets Syndrome' - it took 5 days for Dr's to guess what it was & then receiving confirmation another 5 days on - only treatment was steroids, was hospitalised for 2 weeks to be discharged on oral steroids only to have another reaction (at this stage was so over it) but as ever everyone around me keep my spirits up but was extremely hard at times especially when your husband of 34 years walked past me as he did not recognise me (that was really hard to take). 

Never mind that is all in the past now - I need to have an aspiration procedure next week to alleviate pain that I am still experiencing.

All the literature that you receive seems so overwhelming in the beginning but was a massive comfort when something happened.

I am not a vain person but I lost my hair 2 weeks into treatment & it is one thing to be told it will happen but the reality of it actually happening was hard to deal with - now have a full head of 'wavy' hair which I did not have before.


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    Hi Narelle, It sounds like it has been a really tough 12 months but it all looks like it is on and up now -- wavy hair and all.

    Great to see you joining the online group and I hope you can connect with some others who are/have been through a similar experience.



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    Hi to allWow, look at all of the positive ladies that have joined our group - we all have our stories with one common result - we are here for each other.After reading all of your stories I feel just so lucky, at the time I guess we all think the worst of our situation but work throught it and come out the other side but in reflection I had nothing to moan about.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who was just so supportive - even when I was being such a cow & yes I truly was.  Looking back our partners must have, at times, felt helpless, I know with Tony that he was always there for me but could not do anything for me.We are now starting to plan a long holiday away, will be a few months until we are able topull it off but look out here we come Australia.  Plan to be away for anyhting from 3 - 6 mths.  Will be good for both of us - everyone said after treatment go & have a holiday but our circumstances did not permit it - like a lot of you we have commitments but we are going to do it.Take care everyone and it would be great to meet some of you one day.Narelle