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  • Afraser
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    I have been losing weight slowly and have to accept the following: 

    My weight fluctuates and while it can be disheartening, it’s normal, not a reason to change

    Things I know put on weight, do! 

    Regular exercise doesn’t necessarily lose kilos but makes everything else work better

    Small portions, avoid alcohol, no snacking works

    A very small amount of dark chocolate doesn’t seem to make a difference! 

    Good luck to everyone trying!! 

  • Blossom1961
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    @cranky_granny The Paleo may work for you. You can have your vegies and meat but need to cut out the dairy. I put on weight with most diets except the Sandra Cabot or super lo cal. We are all so different.

  • Cath62
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    We are definitely all different. I think the trick is to know your own body and what works and what makes you and your body feel good. For me it's keto or low carb but for others it's low calories or paleo or lean cuisine etc etc. Then for some exercise helps. Whatever works it should be considered lifestyle rather than diets as that is easier to maintain.
  • iserbrown
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    Listened to this segment last night
    Some may find it of interest 

  • June1952
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    @iserbrown - can you please give us some idea what the program said ?
  • Mightystar
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    I started intermittent fasting (12/8) and upped my cardio. Already plant based eating, lost the weight. I stopped running in Jan and now have gained 8kg, so have started running and fasting again. Cutting back on wine too. It’s hard!! And tamoxifen really doesn’t help! Good luck and as my close friend said, no one else really notices, it’s just you so be kind to yourself xx