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Hi people does anyone have any tips, products, diets that work on moving belly fat.  Since having a mastectomy I realise how much wait I’d gained around the middle and it’s getting bigger with meds I’m on.  I’m having the other boob off later this year which will highlight it even more.  Help 😳


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    Hello @Atlantic,  I  hear you. I put so much weight on when I turned 50 due to an under active thyroid condition. I never had a weight issue before. Then I was diagnosed at 58 yrs old (2020) with breast cancer and treatment just added more and more weight on me.

    Last October I thought that's it. I had to do something drastic. I spoke to my GP who advised me to cut gluten out ( she had confirmed i am gluten sensitive). My meds Letrozole were also causing inflammatory responses in my joints so she also suggested I consider a low carb diet, getting rid of sugar. 

    So I basically started a keto diet. I started rather strictly for a couple of months and then eased back slightly. I have lost 17.5 kilos.  I feel fantastic and my life is so much better. I don't miss the carbs, so no bread or pasta or potato or cakes etc. I have reached my goal weight so now I just need to maintain it. My dr said I can now have potato and very occasionally some gluten free pasta but the health results for me are amazing.

    My pulse rate has dropped 10 points, my blood pressure is normal, my joint pain is almost non existent, I have greater energy and my mood is much more positive. I have a few other benefits too but these are the main ones. 

    Even my oncologist is impressed. She told me she didn't really believe in these lifestyle diets but she has started to see so much success from those who go on them. 

    My gp is pretty open to looking at alternatives to the traditional medicine but it is always best to check with your dr and any health issues and diets. 

    Here's a basic keto diet guide below but do your own research on what's right for you. It's only basic information so you need to read more to see if it is right for you.

    By the way some people think it increases cholesterol but I don't load up on cream or cheese. Everything in moderation. I still enjoy a glass of wine on weekends or a vodka.

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    Oh wow @Cath62 thanks so much for that information 
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    Hi @Atlantic
    when I was young I was quite skinny and after going through puberty was quite surprised that I couldn’t continue to eat what I wanted with no consequences.
    I put on 10 kilos in 30 years and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer age 62 determined I’d lose those kilos,
    I saw a physical therapist to help me with an exercise programme but also changed my diet .
    Eliminated sugary drinks, fast food ( McDonald’s, kfc, pizza.etc) drastically cut  down  on alcohol , sweets, chocolates , biscuits etc.
    Ramped up consumption of fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat and fish.
    I got a set of scales and kept a diary of what I eat.
    Might seem boring  but I lost the 10 kilos and 
    kept them off 2 years on.
    It can be done , and in my case I feel so much better for it.
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    Thanks so much @Julez1958 it seems I must try harder 😊
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    @Cath62 congratulations on your weight loss that's very impressive.  I might look at that.
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    Thanks @Locksley, I just had enough and had to try something. I am now just sustaining it. Give it a go. If you get relief from side effects and loose a bit of weight in the process it's a win win. 
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    Well done @Cath62.  Congratulations.  Being gluten sensitive would be a good reason to avoid the breads etc.  Oh, I would so miss my fresh fruit each day - that is IF I could go without my sourdough toast each morning 😄
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    @Atlantic.  I have not been on here for a while so I am wading through the posts.  As with most of us women your title attracted my attention.  Ha Ha.  I am on the chubby side and recently told my GP I am concerned.  I mentioned the Keto diet as I had heard of it.  The reaction was a strong one "if you have not been diagnosed with any other issues it is simple - reduce your portion sizes and increase your exercise".  He also said that these are permanent ways of eating and you may lose weight but once you add 'normal' foods back in the weight will come back on.  His other comment was to look back at the past when families ate good-sized meat and three veg type of meals - they did not need these fashionable diets.  He also referred me to my oncologist for comment.  I think all his comments are valid so I will reduce my portion sizes and see how I go (yes, I love my food).  Let me know what method you lose and how you get on.
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    thanks @BlackWidow.  It’s not easy is it.  I thought I ate fairly well but maybe just too much. I have to something though 😳
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    Keto is a lifestyle, not a diet. It isn't for everyone but it is for me and supported by my GP and my Oncologist. Any lifestyle change should be medically supported for that individual. 

    It sure has helped me in many many ways. I will never change the way I eat as it is good for me and I feel fabulous because of it. I use to eat this way up until i turned 40. I didn't know that they way I was eating was known as keto or Paleo or Atkins. Then I got lazy and boom weight gain. Now if I went back to old habits of course I would gain weight again. I wasn't eating right for me or the health issues I have and now I am. 

    I have received many wonderful comments about my body changes and also some comments like 'oh will you stop loosing weight' or ' if you change you will gain weight' or ' my dr doesn't agree with keto' .

     Of course most dr won't agree unless they are more progressive and as for other comments, I just see they have a little envy. Yes it requires discipline and dedication but everything worthwhile requires effort. 

     The point is doing nothing is not an option if you want to change your weight but what you do must be right for you and as we know we are all different. 
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    @Cath62 My daughter loves the keto diet and it works wonders for her. I tried it and gained weight. It isn't for everyone but for some it is a life changer. My other daughter doesn't lose weight on it but has a lot less medical issues (It reduces her inflamation plus she does not have any colds) when she follows the keto. Most Drs refuse to endorse any eating pattern unless the medical association recommends it. I love the liver cleansing diet with Sandra Cabot, but most doctors say the food on it is good but it doesn't really do anything. I am so healthy when I follow it diligently. Each person needs to try different eating patterns until they find what works for them. Good on you.
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    Good on you! 
    Nice to read a great outcome supported by your GP and Oncologist

    Best wishes and take care
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    Thanks @iserbrown and @Blossom1961. Good it worked for your daughter re inflammation. That's why I started it myself. The inflammation and joint pain i had was off the chart and my GP suggested this along with gluten free. I gave it a go.

     My Oncologist wasn't always convinced these sorts of 'diet' changes worked and she said they aren't really encouraged to discuss these lifestyle changes with patients however she did say she would never stop a patient from trying these 'diets' be a she had seen so much success from them, including in her own family. 

     The benefits for me have been nearly 20kg weight loss, no pain in joints, no more inflammation, reduced heart rate, more energy, no more wee leaking when I cough- probably because less weight pushing on my bladder, better blood pressure, no bloating and no feeling sick from sugar carbs and gluten. No brainer for me and it definitely was worth me trying it. 
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    Thanks for the inspiration ladies - I've done a keto type diet before & felt fantastic but I have struggled to get back to it - but your results are encouraging & relatable so I'm going to give it another go. Many thanks.

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    What works for some but not for everyone. 
    I’ve basically had a keto style diet for 12 months and I’ve put on 8kg. And gone up a size in clothing.  Prior to that i was having less meat and heaps of veggies. I held my weight at 58kg. Glad I only threw out the clothes 2 sizes bigger  because I’ve had to bring out the old larger size. 
    I’ve been recommended to cut the raw veggies due to low neutrophils at least until they come back up. I will know at the end of the month when i have my next blood test. 
    I think i might go back to the eating style when I lived alone. Pity because i like most of the food on the keto plan