Awake at stupid o’clock



  • Afraser
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    It’s a grim thought, all these people wandering around in the wee hours. No light in my house can match the Colditz lighting that is my neighbour’s bathroom illumination, frequently mistaken by me for lightning, in my peripheral vision. I opt for milk and valerian rather than the pills that actually do the trick (but might get addictive), sudoku and avoiding harm to the other half who sleeps and snuffles through all my nightly perambulations! 
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    @Zoffiel - your comment made me laugh! @Afraser, you must be a gun at sudoku… I’ve tried and I just want to medicate myself  :D  One day I’ll complete one…

    For some reason, my neighbour’s cats choose my lawn to mate alllllll night. Oh the sounds. It is a nightmare. 
  • Zoffiel
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    Here we go again. I'm going to get up and vacuum. 
  • FTA
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    That's awesome @cranky_granny !! What a win! :smile: Hope you had a fabulous birthday.
    It's going to be a long night for me. Had a large coffee this morning when I shouldn't as I'm sensitive to caffeine.... stupid stupid move  :dizzy:

  • van68
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    Does anyone have any tips for sleeping ,as hrt off the table its hot flushes all night ahhh.
  • Cath62
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    Hi @van68, it's awful isn't it. My suggestion us to just go with it. Don't try to sleep. I am ok with sleep most nights with a change of meds from tamoxifen to Letrozole. However when on tamoxifen I use to wake up every night. I started with tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep. In the end I just read or watched TV. I would stay up for an hr or 2 and then I was able to sleep again. It's hard, most definitely but for me it was more distressing trying to sleep so hence just being awake, sweat it out and then start again. I use to be awake from about 1am to 3am every morning. Good luck, keep trying different strategies and hopefully one of them will work. Ps: I did have a friend who resorted to sleeping pills. 
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    have you tried a occasional antihistamine ( I take one phenergan every second day -it helps with my itchy skin as well). Other tab I use every so often 1/4 tab restavit . Least I get decent sleep every now and then  (never together ! One or the other ) 
  • Cora
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    I haven't had any of these meds yet, so I'm not really qualified. But I use medicinal oil ,& cannibis & it really helps me sleep.