DCIS - Breast marker missed in initial surgery



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    Dear @Reggie3

    Best wishes for today, and a good outcome. 
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    Anne65 said:

    @Reggie3 WOW! Your story has blown my mind! You poor thing. i cant imagine how you must be feeling & my heart goes out to you. My diagnosis/treatment is very similar to yours but mine worked!! You should be like me now!. I had aggressive DCIS, left breast, 3 years ago & had a lumpectomy to remove it. My operation went so well with clear margins & I only ended up having 3 weeks of rad treatment following the surgery. i went private like you & had an amazing surgeon & I didnt have to pay anything! I also had a hook line put in. 
    I do hope today goes well. Your surgeon should be laying out the red carpet for you. I will be thinking of you today & sending love, thoughts & prayers to you. Stay strong & know we are all thinking of you xxxx

    Good luck for today and a positive outcome hugs Cheryl xx
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    @Reggie3 So proud of you. You have made the right decision as having faith in your surgeon is SO important as you will continue to be monitored by them for years to come. I bet you feel relieved & empowered to have done it & it just goes to show how strong you are. Keep ticking off the boxes & we are all here to help you anyway we can. As I said earlier, my diagnosis was very similar to yours so if i can help in any way, reach out to me. So happy you have found support with the breast care nurses & BCNA. They are amazing & we all owe so much to them for their dedication & care. Good luck with your new surgeon. Sounds like you have a good one this time! Strength & love to you xxxx
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    @Reggie3 Congratulations on making this decision.  You must feel so empowered.  Sometimes we really don't know how strong we are.   You are an inspiration.  Fantastic you had such wonderful support from your Breast Care Nurses.    Take time to heal after your surgery.  I am sure the legal outcome will be in your favour as well.   BCNA Network really is such a wonderful caring supportive environment.  Sending you love and hugs xxx
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    Reggie3 said:


    So I sacked my surgeon I just couldn't stomach the thought of him coming anywhere near my body.  I cancelled today's surgery. Told him bluntly in writing that I was unhappy with the standard of care I received, got a fluffy response! 

    I got a second opinion and have just come home from a further ultrasound and biospsy from a different area on the left breast at 6 o'clock x seven core samples, this should have been done before initial surgery like OMG! I go back to new specialist early next week he is so lovely and really looking out for me and thorough.

    The pathology results from today will determine the surgery treatment plan. I must commend the breast cancer care nurses for organising the second opinion and supporting me at the appointment. I am also so grateful for the BCNA nurse counsellor for her support and advice. And finally all of you for your kind words, support and encouragement to stand up for myself I couldn't have done this without you.

    The saga continues I will be pursuing the legal route when I have a bit more energy and have sorted my health.

    This isn't the end of this journey unfortunately so I'll keep you all posted.

    Well done, it takes guts to do this, and I agree you cannot go through this with somebody that you don't trust and has already mucked up the first go. Wishing you well with your new surgeon hugs Cheryl xx
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    Well done gurrrl....a truly gutsy and tough decision. I think we have all breathed a sigh of relief that you won’t let that person near your precious body!
    Go you!
    Hope you are feeling ok. Sending hugs
    Caz x