Thankfully I know more this time.



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    Excellent news - here’s to a rapid recovery. Best wishes. 
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    What great news @Deanne
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    Good to hear that it's been resolved for you.  No more stressing about it.
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    Great news 👌🏻☺️😁
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    Deanne said:

    Update - have just had a prophylactic mastectomy of the remaining breast on Tuesday and it is all good news. No cancer anywhere and so far the recovery from surgery is going well. No pain, less than 24 hours in hospital and other than the drain being there I feel normal. 

    The biopsies and resulting haematoma caused more pain and disruption than the mastectomy so far. Hopefully get the drain out on Monday and then just a bit of healing and hopefully back to normal life again. 

    I am very happy with my decision about the mastectomy and feel it was right for me at this time. Good support from my surgeon, breast care nurse and loved ones. Thank-you for the support on here too.  <3:)

    great news sending hugs xx
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    Hello @Deanne
    I am so pleased that all has gone well for you with minimal discomfort and stress.
    Oh, the feeling of not having the worry in the back of your mind.  My choice would be the same as yours.
    Hope you heal well and quickly and can get back to all you did before.
    Best wishes

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    Congratulations @Deanne
    another thing done in your road to recovery... 
    sending you strength and love. 
    Soldiercrab xxx
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    So good to read your news @Deanne. As someone who did similar, getting that load of worry off your mind is wonderful. Take care of you, K xox
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    Huge relief @Deanne - just found your post today and read it all from start to finish.  So happy for you that all was well.  I have never regretted having a double, both for peace of mind and for balance in clothes - if I don't want a bra I don't wear one!  It has been a long time since we met here online and I hope all is going well for you and your husband.  My husband has recovered well from a stroke 18 months ago, and is now walking 3-4 kms daily again.  Being a carer took a lot of time, so I am not visiting the site very often these days!  Very best wishes and a big hug!  Michelle xxx
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    Hopefully the draining is complete and your road to recovery is well and truly on track. 
    Best wishes 
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    Hello @Michelle_R. Sorry to hear that your husband had a stroke but wonderful that he has recovered well. It sounds like you have both worked hard for that recovery. 

    Thank-you so much for making contact again it is so lovely to hear from you. I am very sure that this has been the right choice for me and it is so good that we are supported in the choices we make. I cannot speak more highly of my surgeon in her reassuring support for all the choices that women in her care make. I have just come home from my check up with her and am very glad to be rid of the drain. Onwards and upwards from here. 

    My husband is well and his eye issues have settled with a major change in diet over the last couple of years. It has been challenging but totally worth it. He has not had any further deterioration and in fact has had some improvement. Fingers crossed it continues that way.

    Hope that you and your husband keep well and continue to enjoy life again. Hugs to you too. Deanne xxx
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    Deanne you have been on quite a journey in recent times. You are truly an inspiration.