That discomfort you are feeling ...

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Hello everyone,
Great article that was sent to our team last week regarding grief.
discomfort you are feeling is grief
Take care everyone and stay safe,


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    Thank you. Very good article. My boss is going through this grief with the coronavirus. I recognise and try to accept it. However I am struggling to accept she is going to treat me like this until this coronavirus thing all finishes. Her attacks leave me near tears numerous times daily. I am trying to accept the reasoning but it is very hard when everything I do is ‘wrong’
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    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA very good read. 
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    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA 🌸
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    Yes thanks @Giovanna_BCNA, good read.  
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    Thank you so much for posting that very interesting and mind-resting article @Giovanna_BCNA
    It is well worth the read.  I am sue it will help many ladies in all kinds of situations.
    Recommended, ladies.
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    Hello everyone,

    In light of the recent events and changes in the Covid19 situation in Victoria, I have highlighted this article again.  It describes really well some of the anticipatory grief and uncertainty that many of us are experiencing right now.  Its important to stay connected with family & to take time out for yourself.  If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, call our helpline on 1800 500 258 to speak with one of our experienced cancer nurse.Take care everyone, stay safe and look after each other.

    kind regards Giovanna
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    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA

    Victoria tightens the rules and less movement around Melbourne and even some of the other States are tightening rules.
    Hard yards all round as the reality is starting to hit.
    To those of you living by yourselves hope you are okay. I have a sister that is by herself with a compromised immune system.  Will drop in some meals today.
    Best wishes to all especially those amidst treatment.
    Take care
    Sending a virtual hug
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    Thinking of you all in Victoria, especially those going through treatment. I hope better times will be with us all soon. Jane 
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    Thanks @Jane221. It is very lonely and very dull being cooped up at home. It'll be worth it if it works though, so fingers crossed. K xox
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    The hard yards continue here in Victoria.  
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    I’ve been in lockdown now (four events including iso after being overseas) since 17 March, with a ‘break’ of about two weeks. Given we can’t go back in time and avoid the second surge, we either do this slowly or we just seesaw in and out of surges for who knows how long. Either is harsh, but this is the slow exit most of us knew was coming. A quick look at the US, UK, Brazil and India (all economically snookered too) is a reminder of what we haven’t experienced. Awful, awful for those with serious illness to contend with too, but that’s what a pandemic is. Keep your chins up! 
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    I live on my own and it has been extremely challenging to say the least.  I can't see any family members, and it is extremely isolating.  I will be able to have a "bubble person" from Monday, but I think I have gone into my shell now.  I can't really complain because there are much worse off than me.  We just have to all go the extra mile here in Melbourne, to keep everyone safer.  
    I had a blood test on Wednesday and it was exciting to go outside of the 5 kilometres, I felt a bit like a rebel!  When going out to have a blood test becomes an exciting day, we know something is amiss... lol... but we just have to keep on keeping our own spirits up.  Yes, agreed chins up!  If we all behave we could be let out by Christmas time.

    Some things do however seem very unequal, but I had better not elaborate too much in that regard.  Take care all.
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    Thankyou for posting this link. A very worthwhile read. Covid and a breast cancer diagnosis is certainly challenging.