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    haven't heard from my breast cancer care nurse since before the lumpectomy 20th march.  next week I see the surgeon again ( I think she said ) dont know why , the week after I see the oncologist , god its taking forever I wonder if its spread since then . the docs apprentice said they had a clear margin.   something else too autistic daughter is somewhat silently worried, she researches things like the suture lines from the lumpectomy hurt  saw the doc about it. she is also a fuss pot  very huggy and always wanting to know where I am ( not like her at all) I worry sick what if 
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    supposed to go to the RBH tomorrow for planning for radiation therapy to start on 20th I cancelled  there is evidently a bus from Caboolture that goes to the RBH but I cant get to where it picks people up  I cant walk the few blocks to get the local bus I cant afford taxis  ( specially when im supposed to start therapy 5 days a week for five weeks.  
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    Hello @tisme sending you a private message
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    went to get a bone density scan today, it turns out if i had just cancer it would cost me an extra 100.00  but because I had rheumatoid arthritis it didnt cost me anything
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    @tisme One for the win column!
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    its rotten , cancer isnt enough ?? sheesh

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    I hear you, my chemo was cut short by 7 rounds due to Neuropathy in my hands and feet. They are being overly cautious because 6 months before my BC diagnose' I  was told by my Neurologist that I have Parkinson disease and the MRI found mineral deposits on my brain, that make no sense.
    So now I see a neurogenetsis so hopefully they can figure out what's going on.
    IM 40 BLOODY 6 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!
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    dont you wish you could shut the brain off, the fear that the burning and tender skin might be bc is driving me crazy.only started like this since the radiation therapy , i told the surgeon last week . when is the crap gonna stop and i get to enjoy something ?/ things got so bad i talked to beyond blue and ended up being ambulanced into the ER   was there for a few hours and they let me out , got a mental health taxi voucher to get home. but here i am as I was before.
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    just thinking, my rheumatologist took me off my arthritis meds before radiation therapy, so what will happen now ,?? such meds lower the immune system , last thing i need is for that to happen while battling cancer
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