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    haven't heard from my breast cancer care nurse since before the lumpectomy 20th march.  next week I see the surgeon again ( I think she said ) dont know why , the week after I see the oncologist , god its taking forever I wonder if its spread since then . the docs apprentice said they had a clear margin.   something else too autistic daughter is somewhat silently worried, she researches things like the suture lines from the lumpectomy hurt  saw the doc about it. she is also a fuss pot  very huggy and always wanting to know where I am ( not like her at all) I worry sick what if 
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    supposed to go to the RBH tomorrow for planning for radiation therapy to start on 20th I cancelled  there is evidently a bus from Caboolture that goes to the RBH but I cant get to where it picks people up  I cant walk the few blocks to get the local bus I cant afford taxis  ( specially when im supposed to start therapy 5 days a week for five weeks.  
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    Hello @tisme sending you a private message
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