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    @kezmusc @arpie @kitkatb I have no breast tissue left to examine. My cancer could come back locally in my chest wall, scars, skin and armpit. The only way I'd ever know about the chest wall is via an MRI. I've done everything I can to reduce the chance of a recurrence so it's in fates' hands. However since completing active treatment I've had the CHEK2 gene mutation diagnosed. I'll see my oncologist in the new year and chat to her about what, if anthing, to do about it. MRIs will be on the agenda, whether there's any value in me having one.
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    @kmakm You really need to move to Geelong. The clinic here automatically sends their BC patients in for a MRI. We could go out for coffee then. Hugs 😍
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    That's what I'd be having it for, @kmakm - for everything else!  Even just having the 1 for a picture as at now - then you know that anything else picked up has happened since that date in time.  I wouldn't even be expecting one every year ..... just now (or in the new year some time!!)  I will chat about it to the Surgeon on my annual checkup in Jan!  ;)

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    Hi @CathyMac. Sorry you find yourself here in this forum, but glad you have found all of these wonderful BC Warriors. Your upgrade of tumor size seems a common scenario. Diagnosis seems to morph for the first month or so. What can be seen on initial imaging and tests is often not what is happening in there. When my BS did my lumpectomy, three tumors were found, rather than just one. The one that was detected via a mammogram and then ultrasound was first thought to be 2cm, when in fact after surgery it was 3cm.
    So, I completely understand your position and current feeling of things spiraling out of control. xx
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    @Blossom1961 My father came to Geelong with his parents when they emigrated here in the early 50s. Settled in Leopold. I'm a Cats supporter as a result. Love Geelong! Will you be around in January? I'll come down and we can have coffee. You bring the truffles and I'll bring you something from India!

    An MRI would give me some peace of mind I'm sure, but would also make me terribly anxious. I long to put cancer behind me but the reality is that it's going to loom a bit larger for me than some others because of the mutation. This is my new normal. At this stage I think I'm going to be guided by my doctors. So for now, I'll just have to wait until I've spoken to them.
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    @kmakm Sounds like a great plan. I have a coffee machine at home or we could go out. I live on the Melbourne side of Geelong. Don't bring me the tall dark and handsome gift from India. Hubby wouldn't be happy. But thank you anyway! Truffles are a given.
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    Wow!  Whoever the girls are, I'm sure that they are thrilled to be next to him!
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    What a SPUNK, @CathyMac!!  Such a genuine, happy smile!  

    Lucky Girls!! ;) 
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    That is SO adorable! I'm grinning from ear to ear. What a handsome lad! I reckon The Beacon should run this beautiful shot @Giovanna_BCNA. With Cathy's permission of course.
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    @kmakm what is the beacon? So much to learn from you ladies😁
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    It's the BCNA's quarterly magazine @CathyMac. A good read!
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