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  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,793
    Me too, just a bit too far timewise on this trip! 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,639
    Wow!  Awesome pics @Afraser
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,987
    Great photos @Afraser ! Always hope to see Scapa Flow in the Orkneys one day as my grandfather was in the RN and  based there in WW2.Where is the third photo please ?
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,987
    Also where is the last photo please ?
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,793
    Enjoy the markets. I know Mindil’s the big one (fantastic if you get skydivers) but I really like Parap. Best wishes to you both. 
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,058
    Enjoy! Look forward to more photos 
    Take care 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,870
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,508
    Used to love staying in the old Hotel Darwin on the esplanade.  Such a shame it was demolished.
  • jennyssjennyss Western NSWMember Posts: 738
    Dear @arpie and @Annie C , lovely to think of you both having a holiday in Darwin. Keep up the photos please. Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Annie CAnnie C Member Posts: 703
    Back in 1937 my mother travelled by car from Perth to Darwin with her friend and her friend's supposed Italian "Fiance". Imagine how adventurous that trip must have been. Took 3 months!

    My mother's first job in Darwin was in the Hotel Darwin. She used to tell us that she was a Dining Room Maid NOT a Bar Maid! But, boy she knew how to pour a beer.

    My parents were married in Darwin in December 1940. My mother and 3 week old sister were evacuated south on the "Koolinda", 19 December 1941.  My father stayed as manpower for the building of Darwin's defences. He had just left the Darwin Post Office when the Japanese bombed Darwin on 19 February 1942.

    My parents often spoke fondly of their time in Darwin and of the life they had prior to being evacuated. Sadly they never returned.

  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,058
    Goodness travelling in 1937! What an adventure! 

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