Friday Funnies



  • kmakm
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    You made me actually laugh out loud @Afraser!
  • Afraser
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    Mission accomplished then. 
  • Blossom1961
    Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,269
    Today I a man bipped the lights because they didn't turn green quick enough. I found this extremely funny.
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,438
    Years ago they used to say if it is evening and you are coming up to a red light then flick your high beam and it will turn green!  Showing my age perhaps!  
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,260
    I've Never heard THAT one before @iserbrown ..... but I DO get annoyed when people drive up to traffic lights VERY SLOWLY (hoping they will change before they get there) and then stop BEHIND the square box marks on the road .... cos it is the weight of their car on those boxes that will trigger the traffic lights to change!!  

    Sit there behind the boxes & you'll have to wait until another car drives over one in the next lane (or in the opposing traffic on the other side of the lights!!) 
  • kitkatb
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    That's so true @arpie,  I was with my husband who was driving and waiting to turn right and the man in front didn't get close enough to the box.  Waiting, waiting, waiting until hubby had to get out the drivers seat and get out the car to tell him to move forward to initiate the lights.  I think the poor guy was taken back with a knock  on his window especially in this day and age of road rage. Lol   xox
  • Sister
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    Tee hee - have you ever heard the song, "Road Rage" (by some black rasta guy whose name I can't remember at the moment)?  It was big around the late 90s.  
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,260
    @Sister .... if you can find a link, I'd love to see it!!  I've just looked on Youtube but it is all road rage incidents rather than a song. xx
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,260
    LOL  @Sister - I must have been living in NZ when this one was released!!!  I've never heard it before!!! 

    Thanks for that!!