What pets do you have?



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    Thank you @DearB - what a great site !  Not being one to buy via the net I am absolutely amazed at what is out there on one site. Unfortunately our Lab's not going to fit in the space.   :D:D
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    That is so cute to see them in the basket together like that @Stork!
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    Sadly, we have none of our own - but one neighbour has a Shitzu Cross and our other neighbour is the local vet - and they have 1 x 3 legged cat & 4 Rescue Dogs ...... so we get our share of pets to pat!   I am actually thinking of putting a "Beware of the Dog'' sign on both our side gates ..... cos I reckon they'd all go ballistic if anyone entered after dark!!   They currently have 15 Beagle Crosses at their Rescue hospital that are all desexed & inoculated & Chipped .... and almost ready for new homes - with plenty of people putting their hands up already.  They are GORGEOUS!!

    We DID have a possum that took up residence on our back steps .... but he was a bit mangey so our Vet neighbours have taken him to their hospital for treatment!

    My girlfriend had 2 miniature Schnauzers but sadly a black snake bit one late last year, so only 1 left now.  :(   He was a Show Dog - but was gay - he just didn't like the ladies ..... so was neutered & sold to her!

    I reckon if I got a dog - it would be a Miniature Schnauzer - small, highly intelligent, great company & they don't shed!!

    As kids, we had Cocker Spaniels & later a beautiful 'Lassie' Collie Dog .... but sadly had to give him up when we moved into a home unit .... :(  

    One day ....... 

    Now. .... if there was a "How Many Kids do you Have'' thread - I could also say 'NONE ...... married one!  ;) '
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    @Mira Bubbles is beautiful!
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    Thanks @kmakm I think he is gorgeous!  I spend a lot of time at home and he comes swimming over every time I look at him.  I'm sure its because he adores me, and not just for food hehe :smile:
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    Thanks @DearB they are cute .In a household of males the felines had to have girls names !
    My eldest took the older one to the vet years ago & spelt her name FeeBee !! lol
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    Oh that's so cute/funny @tigerbeth!
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    Animals are so soothing - did anyone see the story of the Magpie called Penguin on Sixty Minutes Sunday night?
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    @iserbrown I saw the magpie. Wasn’t it magic!! Just loved it