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Booster shots

jintiejintie MelbourneMember Posts: 114
So, government has announced that those undergoing active chemo, radiotherapy and/or hormonal therapy are eligible for the booster shots as they are severely immuno-compromised.

I am 2.5 years NED and I am taking hormonal therapy.  Silly question but does this mean I am eligible even though I am NED?  If yes - I didn’t realise that I would classify as severely immunocompromised. Doesn’t make sense….



  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 331
    Dear jintie,
    I'm in a similar position as you. Although I started a little later.
    I don't know if this helps.
    I asked my Onc prior to returning to work (as a nurse), if I should still consider myself Immuno-compromised.
    And he said no. My blood counts are all normal since finishing all treatments.
    I was concerned as, at work we get to look after many patients with infections.
    I've been back at work almost a year now, and have only had one cold.
    I presume I will get a booster, simply because I work in a hospital, when all the other medical staff do too.
    Hopefully your Doctors can help you with this, and hopefully your bloods are normal too.

  • ErmintrudeErmintrude SydneyMember Posts: 3
    I had been wondering about this too, as had never considered that being on hormonal therapy (Letrozole) caused me any sort of significant immunosuppression.  I'm also a healthcare worker I had first doses fairly early on so am due for a booster in December anyway, but just checked the ATAGI guidance again and it appears that as of today (3rd November) the advice has been updated to be much more specific in terms of which cancer drugs are immunosuppressive - and aromatase inhibitors are not specifically listed.  I suggest anyone trying to figure out if they need a 3rd dose checks the link below for the updated advice before discussing with your doctor if necessary:

    ATAGI recommendations on the use of a third primary dose of COVID-19 vaccine in individuals who are severely immunocompromised | Australian Government Department of Health
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,978
    I agree that I was not aware of any immunosuppression from hormonal therapy, but hormonal therapy is certainly on the ATAGI list as confirmed by my GP and the administering chemist. So I’ve had mine - I’d be due a booster in December so a few weeks earlier makes not much difference. 
  • ErmintrudeErmintrude SydneyMember Posts: 3
    It was on the list in the original version, but if you look at the detail in the new version published today it appears to have been removed.  I have emailed an enquiry for clarification.
  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 331
    An update, after seeing my Oncologist.
    He said I am eligible for a third dose.
    But he still does not consider me Immunocompromised.
    Ie following my treatment completion and blood tests. I am on Aromatase Inhibitors.
    So I am following up with my GP to have the injection.

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,245
    My Onc too has said to get the booster .... but to wait the 6 months from the 2nd dose, as it will be more effective cover than if you get it 'early'.
  • ErmintrudeErmintrude SydneyMember Posts: 3
    Thanks arpie, that's useful to know.  Still currently unsure whether to get a 3rd dose now or a booster in 7 weeks time.  Assuming its the same injection regardless of the name, I think I'm happy to assume I'm not majorly immunocompromised by hormonal therapy and wait until booster time.

    Edited to add: Just found this previous thread  COVID booster shots — BCNA Online Network which was useful too.
  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 454
    I also sent in a request for information via gov website and they were very quick to respond. Very long winded answer. 
    I only had 6 weeks between My AZ shots so concerned I’m not at optimal cover. 
    Im still left confused but then these days it takes my brain a lot longer to absorb and keep information. 
    I have Oncology on the 20 dec so will be checking with them. 
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 891
    Hi, I had my booster after seeing my GP. My original vaccination was with AZ and I got Pfizer for the booster. My booster was given about 6 weeks earlier than the 6 month deadline. I live in QLD and with very little covid here and road border to open 17th December (or sooner) my GP recommended me getting booster now because they are expecting covid to rise dramatically in QLD.  While I got the booster 6wks before my 6 month deadline it also takes a couple of weeks to be effective so I am pleased to have that protection. Btw I wasn't really affected by the AZ Vaccine but the Pfizer really knocked me about.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,245
    We've been told to get our boosters now - any time after 2 months (Pfizer as ours were AZ) as confirmed here too: 

    Interesting, @Cath62 - a few have been affected badly by the booster Pfizer!!   Fingers crossed, hubby & I aren't! 

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,245
    We are both booked in on Wed, for booster shots.  

    Moderna has now been approved as a booster shot as well as Pfiser & AZ

  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,978
    Good! Given I got my Moderna booster over six weeks ago!  Comms not Minister Hunt’s strongest suit!  
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