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    Whilst I’m a black tea drinker mostly I too enjoy the occasional  Twinings herbal -spearmint & camomile  and also their lemon&ginger .Madam Flavour teabags seem to allow more flavour because of the fabric and shape of the bags - have had the odd chai tea..Dilmah is not as fresh a taste imo as it was in the 80s before the sons took over and started to experiment .
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    Totally agree regarding the tea. Inoften feel shoukd just order hot water and add my own bag.
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    I'd like to try growing my own tea, but it gets too hot here and the soil is wrong for camellias. I could try tinkering with it but I'm too lazy to keep that up for years.
    I found the best tea pot at a garage sale a few years ago. It's stainless steel, looks like it started life  in some sort of commercial environment--a ship? Hospital? Anyway it holds about four cups and it stays hot. 
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    You need a cosy on the ceramic ones.  I had never thought of growing tea.  Camellias do magically, here.  (I even transplanted a huge camellia a few years ago with no care and it thrived.)  And I didn't know that tea didn't have to be dried.
    Let me know if you see any of the Madame Flavour rose blend @romla.  It seems to be very hard to find now which is why I've gone to Dilmah.  It's a lovely afternoon tea when you're not looking for something strong.
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    Will do @Sister but try Yorkshire gold in the afternoon too. It’s available loose leaf and teabags .
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    Oh @kmakm I remember the fresher taste when Dilmah first came to Australia but wow  nothing like this and the views - astounding.
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    I used to like Dilmah too - but now find it a  tad bland, @Romla !

    I think they only dried it for export etc -  cos the natural leaf would go mouldy.    I think there would even be oils in the fresh leaves, to give much more flavour
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    kmakm your photos would make a beautiful calendar, they are also a visual representation of 'mindfulness'. In fact my response to, 'and do your practice mindfulness' is, 'Of course, I drink tea!'
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    Thank you @""Beryl C."

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    Stunning photos @kmakm  It would have been an amazing experience. xo
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    @kitkatb It truly was. We were accompanied by the maharajah of the state too! He has the longest traceable royal lineage of any royal family in the world. It was amazing.