Sydney Covid outbreak

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Hi anyone feeling anxious about having chemo during this current outbreak?  I'm due for my second of four cycles 


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    @Maxymoo -  Re your chemo treatment - I guess it depends if you are living in the Greater Sydney Area/Eastern Suburbs or receiving your treatment there, where the more serious Lockdown is currently in place ...... if you are concerned, definitely contact your Onc or your Breast Care Nurse for their guidance.

    Welcome to the club that no-one really wants to join!  Here, You can raise ANY issue, and get helpful replies from those who’ve gone before you.  Nothing is off limits.  We have ‘private groups’ for some more personal discussions .... so feel free to join any of them, if they suit you.

    We are happy that you found us - as we were in the same boat not that long ago. The members here are just wonderful and will provide you with as much support as you need.  Just ask away!

    If you put your story in the 'Newly Diagnosed' Thread, we'll have a better understanding of what you are going thru - and don't forget to add your 'town or region' in your Profile info - we may have members nearby who you can meet up with for a chat and a coffee (when allowable with the current Covid Crackdown.)

    Take care xx

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    Your oncologist should be able to advise on what precautions are being taken at day oncology. You can assist by making sure you have your own hand sanitiser, wipes and mask (I’d use a surgical one, day oncology may want you to use one of theirs which is fine). Keeping up your treatment as far possible is important. If you can get a lift in and home from someone close and not at risk, that’s another safeguard. People do worry about a greater risk if your immune system is affected, but many of us worked right through chemo, in busy places full of coughs and sniffles and were fine. But local advice from your oncologist or breast nurse is the best starting point. Best wishes.
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    Sorry you have joined this club. I went through chemo in Brisbane during a lockdown. Masks worn all the time at treatment by patients and staff. I could not take anyone to chemo during the lockdown. Your oncologist will be best place to advise you on an issues for you. Good luck with your treatment.
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    Dear @Maxymoo,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Thank you for your kind thoughts and good advice. I did my 2nd round of TC chemo at Lifehouse in Sydney
    last Monday. Staff were lovely and I felt safe and was able to get through it without too much anxiety. Unfortunately a positive patient attended the centre the following day. so negative covid tests are now required for future treatments.
    Things are starting to get a little scary in Sydney at the moment with all this covid and its making me question continuing chemo especially as I.m so much sicker this time. Bad stomach cramps , nausea. insomnia from the steroids and that awful slimy white tongue along with general yuckyness. I also feel really depressed but someone told me that's the steroids.i'm sure there must be plenty of us feeling like this across Sydney. Its a lousy time to be having cancer treatment, not that any time is good,  People in Melbourne must understand this after long lock downs last year. I suppose its just each day at a time  and  knowing I want to see my kids finish school and Uni and grow up. 
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    Hi @Maxymoo 

    Thanks for the update. Please tell your oncologist and nurses how you feel after a treatment. They may be able to give you something to help with that nausea especially.

    Unfortunately the steroids which help you tolerate the chemo can mean some issues like the sleep thing. It will pass in time hopefully. I still seem to wake up around 2am. I finished chemo in September last year. 

    Also talk to your dr about being depressed. Maybe a telehealth appointment with a psychologist might be good given what's happening in Sydney and going through treatment.  Try anything to help with that depression so it doesn't get worse for you. 

    This is a terrible time but you have your family and that will keep you going. It's great you reached out here as we know what you are dealing with the chemo. It's hard but you can do it. Your half way through those 4 cycles. Keep up the good work. You should be really proud of yourself. Sending you a really big hug 🌻
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    I am in regional Victoria and the lockdown does affect me however I do feel for all those in NSW who must be a wee bit scared of the amount of covid being discovered there.  If only people would obey the well-thought-out rules and help the State leaders get this under control. So many are in hospital and so many on ventilators.  Thinking of all.
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    Dear Maxymoo,
    My Chemo started last year, just while Covid started with Lock down.
    There were many restrictions. Including no support person allowed at Chemo, where I went.
    Although I believe different rules applied at different Chemo suites.
    I'm sure that my experience was different than if I'd had it before COVID.
    My husband took me and came back to pick me up. There was nowhere for him to go, to fill in time.
    I also chose not to attempt to work during Chemo and COVID, as I am a nurse.( avoiding exposure while immunocompromised). I was fortunate to have Income Protection Insurance (in my Superannuation)
    I sympathise with your current experience, as it is in Sydney.
    As this Delta strain is more contagious, take all of the advice you are given.
    Stay home as much as possible. wear mask when out, do online shopping or have friend or family drop it off.
    It is hard at a time when you would like to be surrounded by friends and family. 
    Make sure you have an after hours phone number, for advice if unwell.
    I would continue the Chemo, discuss with your Oncologist.
    Are you fortunate enough to have a breast care nurse? You may be able to talk to her too.
    You are in my thoughts. Stay safe.