I'm not ok ... looking for book recommendations that will chase the blues away



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    Thanks  for the offer of posting the books @Gumnut. I read everything electronically as it allows me to blow up the text to large font, so I love my online kindle. I started A Man Called Ove but like you am finding it a bit of a slog. I haven't tried JoJO Moyes yet but she's on my "next to read" list.  

    I have watched every episode of Schitts Creek at least twice. Brilliant show. Gotta love Moira and her wigs!! Wish I could have tried that during chemo. Another good, but strange one is Community, and AP BIO. Extremely light viewing - takes zero concentration and has some funnies in them but not as good as Schitt's Creek.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    There is a book by an Australian author and crafter called Pip Lincoln. It is "when things are not peachy". I bought it before I had breast cancer to support Pip because I like her crafting and writing. Ive dipped into it a few times. Can recommend.
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    The book "the power of now" is quite intense but uplifting. I have found it has helped me to be present-focused. 
    Paint by numbers has been a great way to relax for me! I also listen to podcasts such as "ladies, we need to talk" and "All in the mind" (this one can be quite sad). 

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    @Nadi.. ok beautiful one .., I find sometimes self-help and non Fiction is just too much ( although fantastic when ready and needed)x I’m a magical fantasy girl Harry Potter, the black jewel trilogy, true blood, all things Richelle Mead. Sometimes I just like to transported to a magical place .. 
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    I've just finished a book by Aussie Author Peter Watt about the Chinese Boxer Rebellion where a few Australians were caught up in it ..... including Chinese born Australians .....

    I would limit myself to a couple of chapters a night & finally just had to sit down & finish it - I couldn't wait til nightfall!  LOL

    Did you know that it was the British that introduced opium to the Chinese (and not the Chinese introducing it to the Westerners?)


    He has written a couple of 'ongoing' stories spread over 2-3 books too ..... 
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    Hi there,
    I saw a psychologist for the first time today and she recommended lots of coping strategies plus a book to read “The Happiness  Trap”.
    i haven’t actually read it yet but she specialises in cancer patients so thought I’d pass it on.
    Also when I was in hospital I read “ The Pilgrim” which was very “page turning”  and took my mind off things.
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    Any suggestions for a funny book, not soppy, and with a happy ending?
    My sister has recommended Liane Moriarty. Guess I'll just start with what our library has on offer.
    I've taken up star-watching since I retired. Now astronomy books are real page turners for me. 
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    Years ago, looking for something light (I tend towards long books!) I bought the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It has its serious side but definitely a happy ending! 
  • Romla
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    Have a read of Graeme Simsion “ The Rosie Project”. I also like Alexander McCall Smith “The no.1 Ladies detective agency” . Both books are the beginning of delightful series.
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    @Romla I was just about to suggest The Rosie Project 😆😁. I read it after my diagnosis, right before my surgery. Certainly helped keep my mind off it 😊
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    One of the funniest books I've ever read was Zig Zag Street by Nick Earl. Published in 1996 so a bit dated now but maybe you can grab a copy from a library?
    Some passages were so funny I had to put the book down because I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep reading. 
    If you lived in Brisbane around this time you'll love the local references.
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    Just bumping this one, as there are some great books out there to read as I still read most nights after going to bed .... and I've read many of the ones mentioned previously in the thread (or seen the movie!)   

    I am currently re-reading The Pilgrim right now - it is an 'edge of the seat' book that would make a BRILLIANT movie ..... 

    If you enjoy reading e-books (& have Tablet/PC that you can download to) here is an amazing site with access to thousands of books .....  just put in the book title or author's name & see what pops up!   I've downloaded hundreds - now I just have to read them all!  LOL

    Below is a link to @Ecup2020's suggested book The Happiness Trap ... plus the most recent sequel, too ...

    What books are you reading just now??
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    Hi @arpie I loved The Pilgrim and actually read it in hospital after my mastectomy and a number of the medical  staff told me him much they loved it too.
    I am partial to a detective story or “who done it” for escapism but one book I read recently that was page turning and also inspiring was “The girl who fell from the sky”. 
  • arpie
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    I've downloaded The Girl who Fell from the Sky from the site I mentioned earlier @Julez1958- I just need to read it!!  :p

    I LOVE 'whodunnits' .... and there are some great British vids on Netflix that keep you on the edge of your seat .... my stepson & DIL have set me up for Netflix & it is terrific!