Is this my new "normal"

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I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma earlier this year. Had lumpectomy and (after weeks of deliberation) didn't need chemo. 3 weeks of ray. That all finished a couple of months ago and with a few mental breakdowns aside I carried on and came out the other side. 
Why is it that I now seem to feel worse on a day to day basis? The smallest things can send me into tears or anger and I don't seem to be able to control which one I feel or the intensity.  I have been on Tamoxifen for approx 2 months and thankfully for everyone have been given 8 weeks grace from it from my oncologist.  
I haven't felt like the real me since February.  Is this my new normal?


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    Here's a link as a follow on to the above comment
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    Thank you
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    @POSB24 I feel you ... the rollercoaster of BC is full on I’m recently diagnosed in August and find everything is effected.
    My thoughts bounce a lot from hope to fear to hope and back I’ve got 6 more radio sessions then break then chemo and I’m feeling overwhelmed like will this ever stop, will I ever feel light and joyful like I used to. It’s like my brain has a lurking and loves to remind me hey you have a cancer then I try to reason saying well I evicted the cancer and now I have treatment either way all these new words, new thoughts and I’m still trying to make meaning out of it all. Mindfulness helps but hey we are human and we have some full on shit going on xx hang in there be kind to yourself xx