High intensity excercise for joint pain

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Has anyone had any experience with high intensity excercise to combat joint pain from arimidex? Having been on the tablets for 9 months I am quite sore. I take panadol osteo which helps but some days I just feel like I have run out of steam and don't want to fight the pains. A quiet day snd lots of walking helps. My surgeon told me about the Exmed group. They specialize in workouts for cancer patients. I have never been to a gym. Has anyone had any experience with this?


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    I don’t have joint pain but I did join a gym about a year after diagnosis. Essentially it’s been great for my general physical and mental well being. I know many gyms offer courses particularly for those having cancer treatment and they are often very beneficial. Worth talking to them about the focus though and pain management specifically. As walking helps, there is every likelihood that focussed further exercise may do so too. Best wishes. 
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    Hi Just too much
    I have exercised and trained ever since an initial diagnosis of early Bc in 2011. While tired during chemo a walk every day helped enormously with dealing with treatment. I learnt how much better you feel in mind and body after doing something physical and it gave me confidence.
     After completing treatment I continued to exercise and started running - no marathons here but found it really good and helpful with the effects  of tamoxifen. I finally managed a 5 km after maybe 10 months. I also start weight training and then felt even more fabulous- it was like taking control again and I love feeling sort of strong.
    After a diagnosis of metastatic disease in July 2018 I have not stopped although slowed for a bit. I am in week 6 of An Ex Med cancer program that I found on this website and loving it . With the assistance of the exercise physiologist I am doing more and more HITT Via running intervals on treadmill and rowing and every day I feel mentally and physically better. Also my arms are going to look nice enough for summer with the weight training.
    I am very stiff from both Tamoxifen and now an AI, and when I stand up after a break I am like an 80 year old , but get me warmed up and I can run and feel alive and that it is my body once more. Good luck 😉 I would encourage you to do what you can because every little bit helps. The stiffness may not go away it has not for me but when i exercise and warm up I can inhabit a body that once again is mine ☺️.
    best wishes to you and all

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    @Deanne might be able to help as she participated in such a program thru Griffith Uni in Qld I think.
    I was advised to talk a Krill oil tablet daily by my medical oncologist for joint pain - have done so for over 2 years not sure if it helped but I managed reasonably ok and not prepared to risk stopping.
    Until my recent plantar fasciitis issue (my fault long walks on holidays in poor footwear ) I walked daily for an hour (sometimes twice daily) and found I could walk thru joint pain and it also provided good stress relief with time to think away from a busy family life.I hope to go back to it soon.
    Walking daily I’d say has been a major part for me of living with hormone therapy but make sure you wear supportive shoes.
    PS @Justtoomuch in many states YWCA runs a free 6 week hydrotherapy course called Encore which is great for many reasons including the fellowship of others undergoing treatment as well as weekly chats on matters of interest to breast cancer people.

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    @Justtoomuch (great name. I quite agree...). I did ExMed and loved it. I got fitter and stronger. It's an excellent programme. I think if you've never been to a gym before this would be an excellent way to start as an exercise physiologist designs a programme specifically for you, and then teaches you how to do it properly.

    I did ExMed in the first six months of taking Letrozole. I had a lot of joint pain that has got progressively worse. I think the exercise helped me cope with the pain, but I don't feel it actively alleviated it. I think strengthening the muscles helps support the joints, and you feel good for doing it. And while you're exercising the bone pain isn't as noticeable.

    The thing that seems to make the most difference to me when I'm exercising is my footwear. Far more than ever before I need to be wearing good shoes. If I walk for a long time, or even spend the day on my feet, my feet and every joint up to my hips will complain bitterly. I'll stiffen up ridiculously either way, but if I'm wearing my good sneakers, the pain just won't be as bad.

    I've tried magnesium supplements, krill oil, and curcumin, none made any substantial difference. I've tried acupuncture but that didn't work for me. Heat helps, I take magnesium baths every now and then, have panadol osteo to take the edge off, occasionally something stronger when I really need a break, have the occasional massage when I can afford it and I see an osteopath regularly.

    I think the ExMed programme benefitted me when it came to fatigue as well.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on! K xox
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    If your surgeon has recommended Ex Med then you must be from Melbourne

    One of the suggestions above is for Encore but alas that program is no longer available in Victoria.

    I finished my Ex Med program last year and as I said earlier I highly recommend it.  
    Earlier this year I had major surgery and needed to find fitness in recovery so I have been back in touch with the Exercise Physiologist that I worked with through Ex med and I am a private patient with him now and I have to say I am loving it!  
    As @kmakm said it is tailored to the individual 


    I am sure, like those of those that have already participated, you will enjoy it and feel the benefit of same!

    Take care
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    Dear @Justtoomuch, I go to a seniors exercise group once a week, and walk most days. Should do more, especially weights, resistance, high impact (for bones and strength), but I  enjoy what I do, and feel it does me good. New Years resolution coming up!
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    I'm finding a choreographed program called Body Balance has done me the world of good; or maybe it's just the passing of time. It's a blend of yoga. tai chi and Pilates. My knees are absolutely shot and were before all this started (again) and this program has helped me increase my flexibility, balance and strength without caning my poor worn out joints. Aqua aerobics--particularly the deep water variety--helps too. I still seize up if I sit for too long or overdo anything, but I think I'm improving. 
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    I also did the ex-med program in the first 6 months of taking letrozole and am still at the gym nearly 2 years later. It is an amazing program that gave me back my life.
    Yes, it does help in giving you greater mobility and also gives you a great lead in to how to do a workout in the gym following a structured program tailored to your needs and what you also want to get out of it. For me i wanted cardio to help build my heart strength and as well as weight resistance/ bearing exercise as i have both heart disease and osteoporosis in the family.
    But it is not a complete fix for the side effects. I look at it from the perspective of how much stiffer would my body be if i didn't go to gym 3 times a week and walk our dog everyday. Plus i am really enjoying being this fit! I did pilates for many years, mat as well as reformer so if you find gym is not for you try pilates. It's a fantastic workout and very much weight resistance/bearing activity.
    A gym workout also requires a good level of self motivation because when you leave the ex-med program you're on your own and that can be hard so you could also consider group classes if that appeals to you more. I know our exercise physiologist sent us text messages to say hello and see how we were going after the program finished. Even now we still hear from her.
    And don't forget you can always ask for a break from the drug, 2 months worth because it takes that long for everything to ease. I also see my osteopath every month so between gym, walking and Michelle i manage.
    Best wishes in what works for you.